thursday, june17

adali has appropriately been termed "wild child" by my father (her papa).  she is insane from the moment you let her out of her cage crib until the time you announce it to be bedtime again.  oh, and have i mentioned she's bossy?!  she orders her nana (she knows better than to do it to her mama) around all day long.  where to sit, what to do, when to clean.  it's hard not to laugh at her but i also don't want her to get used to this level of sassiness.  this week has once again been full of summertime fun.

when it's not so humid (seriously i've had enough of you humidity) we like to eat our lunch outside…


…on the tricycle nonetheless.  and without a doubt if there is food anywhere around, lexi is sure to be right there.  



and even though we have had to trade in the big pool back in georgia for a much smaller version, we still make the most of it.

  Recap collage6 


  Recap collage 


  Recap collage2 


  Recap collage3 

and we just acted flat out silly….

  Recap collage4 

we have done some reading…


always with nanas glasses, of course.

  Recap collage5 

and when buzz lightyear was having some health issues (aka buzz was left outside in a rainstorm and would no longer work) we needed to preform and emergency surgery.  



so, as you can see, it's been another fun filled week for the wild child and her entourage.  tomorrow night daddy will join us back in the midwest for even more fun.  i know he can't wait to see this little girl.



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  1. sara t says:

    Looks like you are both getting spoiled – good for you!!
    When do you leave the Ham for good?

  2. Sandy says:

    So the good thing about the humidity….her curls are sooooooo cute!!!!!

  3. Jennifer Teegarden MD says:


    Happy Summer! I hope you are enjoying your new home in St. Louis. I love all the photos! Ella has the same swimsuit (we must have similar taste in fashion). :)


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