saturday, july 31 this morning i woke up and noticed that my complexion looked markedly better…and if you know me and my complexion, this is nothing short of a miracle.  the only thing i can attribute it to is consumption of this last night… …works for me. thank you marc and katherine for good company [ Continue Reading ... ]

Sick day-16

wednesday, july 28 …over our diapers.     don't ask…i don't have the answers.  only she does.  it was something she insisted on at about 1:30 in the morning.  yep, you read right…1:30 am.  we had a sick little girl in our house last night and only hello kitty panties over the buzz and woody [ Continue Reading ... ]


monday, july 26 well, we're home.  and i would give anything to be back pool-side with a daiquiri in hand.  ohhh, how we loved our vacation.  adali was so excited about something she didn't even understand that all she could repeat on the way down was " we going on bacation.  we going on bacation." [ Continue Reading ... ]


friday, july 23       … this is what happens when a 2 year old  thinks the all natural zinc oxide is  the perfect shade  of blue to match her non matching, half deflated floaties.  … happy weekend!  


tuesday, july 20     hello from vaca baby.  we are drinking in every last bit of this thing called vacation.  it's rough when, after you rise to a golden sun over the hills, your main question of the day is which pool to bask in for the day. this is heaven and mama and [ Continue Reading ... ]

Big cedar08 collage

friday, july 16     … we are on our way here for the week. … the last time we were able to go, adali was just a few months out of the nicu. she smiled for the first time  while we were there. … this place holds a lot of special  memories for both [ Continue Reading ... ]