monday, july 26

well, we're home.  and i would give anything to be back pool-side with a daiquiri in hand.  ohhh, how we loved our vacation.  adali was so excited about something she didn't even understand that all she could repeat on the way down was " we going on bacation.  we going on bacation."

it was a week filled with sun, nature lessons, horses, silliness with cousins and being completely spoiled by everyone around her.

by the end of the week, she got what vacation means.  so much so that the first evening we were home and she got a dose of reality (aka i told her she couldn't have something) she cried big old crocodile tears and said in the saddest most pathetic voice, "i just want to go back to my cabin!"  which was code for, i just want to get my way all of the time again.  (sigh)  i just want to go back to my cabin too, adali. 


adali and her cousin beale were born 1 month apart.  they teach each other things.  she teaches him about dolls and toy story and he teaches her how to bulldoze people.  it's a great relationship as far as they are concerned.


by the end of the week, adali was a fish in the water.  i was amazed at how courageous she was all of a sudden.  she wanted to go in the deep by herself and had to be reminded on numerous occasions that she cannot indeed float.   



adali was gifted with new goggles from her cousins.  suffice to say she liked them…she wore them even when they were so fogged up she couldn't see her own hand in front of her face…at 8:00 at night…with not a drop of water in sight.  


as much as adali enjoyed being in the water, she enjoyed lounging and people watching….she might take after her mama on this one.  



this was a new addition to the resort since we had last been and let me tell you, it is now one of new favs!  frosty's doles out the most delish death by chocolate ice cream you could ever imagine.  and it does so, all while looking so cute.  i heart you frosty's.    




seriously, how can you not be inspired when taking in views like this.  it will never get old for me.  pinky swear.


my cool cats. 




i still have burns on my elbows and knees from this tubing experience.





adali and her pony, chester.  





an impromptu evening swim in your clothes is always in order!


bapa and his babies.  





(a simple fyi that we are indeed clothed in this picture)


cabin 2020…where the party is.



toodles big cedar.  we heart you….


…we cheers you and we miss you.  until next year.  mmmwwwhhhhaaa!


and that, my friends, is how we do bacation.


mama a

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Looks like a great time! I have heard wonderful things about this place. Your family is so cute and it looks like a wonderful time was had by all.

  2. Great blog! We have featured it on the Big Cedar Lodge Facebook page! Thanks for being a great fan and “Follow Us” on facebook if you havent already. link to

  3. Sonya says:

    Awesome pictures of your vacation, Jamie! Definitely makes me want to look into this place for next years vacation :-)

  4. Sandy says:

    Wow! You are famous now? LOL! Looks like alot of fun!!! We will have to check this place out!

  5. Casey says:

    I stumbled across this blog and wanted to say thank you. I am a former Big Cedar employee and miss working there…especially seeing “my” horse on the left side of your pic at the stables. I may just have to go back!! :-)

  6. Regal Green, Wildwood, MO says:

    I saw your blog on the Big Cedar Facebook page. I really enjoyed your wonderful pictures. The funny thing is that we were in cabin 2020 right before you (we left July 16, 2010). We loved it too. I have a question for you. Did your family bring the cute scooters or were you able to rent them? We are going back to Big Cedar in September and would love to rent them.

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