thursday, july 1

  Yeehaw collage 

(adali and her bestest friend jessie getting ready for the first nap in her new house)

so, i realize it's been a looong time since i've posted and i really have no idea how to start a post after being gone so long so i'm just going to jump right in…

this day has been a long time coming…we are back in st. louis in our new (to us) house and working on getting settled.  you would think that if you saw me i would be whistling zippity doo dah out of my you know what from extreme happiness., but that is not exactly the case.  the past few weeks have been a hot mess of complete disorganization and hiccups.  let's take a look back and recap a few of the things that come to mind shall we?

**  i thought it would be a fabulous idea to paint nearly every room in the house less than a week after moving in.  uhh, bad idea.  it looks great now but we had less than stellar painters when it came to the neatness department.  my fingernails are shot from scraping paint off of the hardwood and have since found paint on the couch, the countertops and even on the dining room chairs.

**  the house runs on 2 separate air conditioners.  it was quickly apparent that the one that cooled the bedrooms was in need of resuscitation.  several hundred dollars later and i can get a decent night's rest again.  shitty luck or intentional tactics by the previous homeowners…you be the judge.

**  we had a sad casualty with one of our tvs.  i don't want to incriminate the killer so i will just leave it at that.

** we have moles tearing up the backyard!  they seriously must be building an underground metropolis down there because every day we find a new tunnel.  luckily my father prides himself on the number of moles he is able to catch under his own lawn and will hopefully be able to help us tackle this pesky problem.

** after finally deciding on the washer and dryer i wanted, jastin and i set out the first day we were here to see who would give us the best deal for it.  sadly, there would be no dealing going on because nobody had it in stock.  NOBODY.  so as of today, i am still sitting here with no washer or dryer and mounds of laundry piling up.  at this rate we will soon be going commando and sleeping on really dirty sheets. 

the good news is that adali is none the wiser to all the hiccups and seems to love "her" new house.  she walks around all day long saying, "this is adali's house."  or when we get back from running errands she says, "oh we're back at adali's house."  she also walks around touching the walls and saying, "the paint looks beautiful mama."  it's amazing how a 2 year old can put things into perspective for you.  yes, the past few weeks have been stressful and haven't always gone as planned but this is what i dreamed of; to be back in st. louis with my family getting on with our life.  so, after this post, no more whining.  it's summer and the weather is beautiful and we are ready to soak in every last drop of it until our cheeks are rosy and we are punch drunk from it all.

now you'll have to excuse me, i have a few more paint spots to tackle before the baby wakes from her nap.  

much love, 

mama a  

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  1. sara t says:

    Congrats Jamie – can’t wait to see picturs of the house – hint hint – and make sure you include paint color name and numbers in case I see anything that I need in my house! :-)

  2. Jennifer Teegarden MD says:


    It sounds like your move has been a little chaotic. Hopefully things settle down soon and you can just enjoy your new home and the city that you love. I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!


  3. ugh…we have a backyard full of moles, too. and a front yard. and landscaping (which is ugly anyway, so i hope they kill it all). they are hard to get rid of, i’ll say that much. good luck!

    can’t wait to see pics!

  4. michelle says:

    good for you Jamie! keeping things positive. this transition is HUGE. it’s GREAT! and the Lou is happy to have you (and adali, jessie & jastin) back home, for good.


    ps. sorry about the tv. it’s hard to see them go. :)

  5. Erin says:

    Jamie, you crack me up! It’s like reading my own story. We ALSO decided to paint every room upon move-in week, and we finally gave up after 4 rooms…let’s just say we are currently looking for a painter that does NOT ask to store his beer in our fridge. We had a hiccup with the contract and arrived with our washer/dryer in the STL house (um, which we still own) and nothing here. I ordered the newest LG, which was not in stock (of course), and went almost 4 weeks begging my sweet neighbor if I could borrow her machine to wash towels. I still have laundry piled up…

    Happy belated Birthday to Jastin and give The Lou a kiss for us! Yes, I’m amazed at how much I miss that place :-(

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