tuesday, july 20


hello from vaca baby.  we are drinking in every last bit of this thing called vacation.  it's rough when, after you rise to a golden sun over the hills, your main question of the day is which pool to bask in for the day.

this is heaven and mama and i want to be a permanent angels here. 

for now, i must go.  it's time to rest before going out on the boat this afternoon…i told you this life is rough.

love and fairy dust,

miss adali grace   


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  1. sara t says:

    I don’t think “Jealous” fully embodies what I am feeling right now – as I sit at work…. and read this….. and think not very nice things….. about where I am compared to where you are…..

    Glad you are having fun —- well kind of glad…. as glad as a jealous person can be…..

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