tuesday, august 31

what i want to remember and forget about the last few days….


on friday adali wanted me to paint her twinkly toes.  i happily obliged and gave her the best pedicure 2 year old smooches can buy.  this apparently wasn't good enough for adali.  just a few short hours later she came running in to the bathroom where i was organizing a cabinet she had ransacked and proclaimed, " i painted my own twinkle toes mama!"  i was afraid to look.

(insert horrifying picture of cute little girl covered in pink goo here)

it was worse than i had imagined.  she had cheap little girl nail polish all over her hands, feet, clothes, hardwood floors, bathtub and random toys that were within striking distance of her makeshift spa.  no, i didn't even think to grab my camera.  i was too worried about the "teachable moment" i had in front of me and making sure she got the point to never do this again…until she's in her own house…or nana's house since she is the one that gave her the aforementioned pink goo.


dress up is the name of the game in the house lately.  i love little girl dress up!  one morning she's a fairy and just a few hours later she's jessie from toy story.  as i type this she is a university of kansas cheerleader…with pink converse high tops.


Dress up collage1

aunt kia was here a few days ago and always has bright, fun jewelry.  adali was taken right away with her baubles and hasn't left the house without fewer than 4 accessories at a time.  needless to say, her ensemble choices draw some attention in home depot.


we were back in illinois last weekend to witness baby connor's baptism.  if you haven't noticed, adali loves her some baby connor.  her favorite thing to ask him over the weekend is if she could sit on his lap.  cracks me up every time i think of her sincerely questioning just how cozy she can get with him.

Dress up collage2

last night at dinner adali was getting a bit squirrelly.  as soon as the last word from "you better be careful or you are going to fall out of your chair" came out of my mouth she was free falling to a face plant on the hardwood floor.  we have really high chairs.  she has a fat lip, some bruised gums and a case of hurt pride.

but, thankfully, her smile is still intact…


…because what would i do without this smile in my life!

much love,

mama a


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  1. sara t says:

    I am quite familar with the pink goo you speak of. Ours came from a beloved Uncle who doesn’t have kids and thinks it is fun to buy such horrible things for his nieces………
    Ours stays hidden on the tippy top shelf of my bedroom closet – on occasion it is seen and has to be used – but quickly gets re hidden…….

    Love that she wants to sit on Connor’s lap! Too Cute!

  2. Tiffany says:

    I love that smile of hers! Dress up is so much fun. We have to enjoy it while they are still little because I have a feeling it is going to be quite expensive the older they get. It was great running in to you over the weekend.

  3. Sandy says:

    Her hair!!! Love it – so cute and curly!

  4. You can be sure that Aunt Kia still gets attention in home depot with some of her accessorizing, too. It was so fun to be able to visit for the little while we were there. We’ll try to come out again soon and bring the cousins this time:).

  5. Michelle Stokes says:

    Be glad you have hardwood floors. We still have purple finger nail polish in our cream colored carpet from an incident where Angel told Cassie, “come on, it will be fun…..” White doors, cream colored carpet, and babies painted with moms purple finger nail polish.

    Oh and get use to that phrase regarding sitting down. My girls are 9 and 11, we still utter that phrase and the floor still bites them. In fact, Cassie fell down the basement stairs the other day. She’s ok, but her pride took a beating also.

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