wednesday, august 11

dear adali,

i miss you.  like crazy.  i know, i know, we needed this time apart but you are getting spoiled and i am here dying in the heat washing windows and painting…and missing you.

i wanted to write you really quick to let you know that your friend, the baby grasshopper, misses you too.


you remember.  the one that snuck in the house on our flowers and started hopping around the kitchen.  i know you told nana that we killed him but you must have been confused, because we didn't.


remember we caught him in your fun little bug house with the nifty little bug catching tools and after we watched him hop around we let him go…in the grass…where he belongs.


well it seems he likes it in the kitchen better than the grass.  that and i think he missed you as much as i do.  he must have snuck in again yesterday when i brought the flowers in.  i went to run a few errands, came back and there he was looking all sad because he couldn't find the cute little blonde running around.  i told him not to worry that you would be back in no time at all.  and then i caught him again with your nifty little bug catchers and put him in the grass.

i bet he comes back when he hears you running around the house again.

Grasshopper collage

(what your little girls don't wear their pajama tops with boy underwear over their diapers and leggings when it's 102 degrees out?  huh.)

i  miss you adali grace!  see you in a couple of days.

your mama


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  1. sara t says:

    I just need to know why she even owns little boys’ toy story underwear!!! :-)

    Too cute!

  2. Jamie says:

    sara, well she’s kind of obsessed with all things toy story. it’s like pixar threw up in our house. and nana feels the need to feed the obsession so she bought her the underwear. apparently they think only boys need toy story underwear.

  3. i am CRACKING UP at her in those undies! so funny!

  4. michelle says:

    you’re a stronger woman than i, jamie. yaya’s wanted to take addison for a week in California (me and justin, home in STL, half a country away) when she was 2.5 years old. i said HELL NO!

    she’s now 4.5, two years later, and she’s having her first of probably many “big girl trips” to cali; i’ve finally caved. we come home from cali on the 29th WITHOUT. THE. BUBS! she stays in Cali with yaya until Sept 3rd. my heart just dropped…again! i’m gonna be a total basket that week. for sure.

  5. Jayme says:

    I LOVE that picture! What a great one to pull out when she starts dating (at 30 of course)!

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