monday, august 23

one evening last week jastin, adali and i were jumping on our bed hanging out before adali went to bed when i scrunched her cheeks and asked her how much she loved her mama.

her response…"ummmm, 2 pounds!"

my first reaction was gee thanks, kid.

when i posted the interaction on facebook i was pleasantly surprised by a former co-worker and friends response…"just think how much you loved her when she was 2 pounds and you'll see how much that really is."

2 pounds of love

i don't have words for what i felt for my little 2 pound bundle.  if she loves her mama that much, well, i feel lucky!

benjamin, i love you!  thank you for the mega dose of perspective.

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  1. Jenny says:

    This is twice in a week you’ve made me cry! Your story reminds me when Ashton was about 3, we had gone to get a Sno Cone. He was barefoot of course, because generally we are hillbillies. As we were waiting for our frozen cup of colored sugar water, he began screaming uncontrollably and grabbing at his foot. A rather large black beetle had attached itself to his little pinky toe. When we got home he explained to Steven that he’d “been attacked by a Three Pound American Toe-Biter.” Somehow children’s descriptions are always perfect!

  2. Aunt Lindsey says:

    Love this post. Isn’t it strange how perspective shows up at just the right times?

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