thursday, august 26

i can't tell you how excited i am to be back in st.louis.  when it was just jastin and i, we definitely took advantage of everything the st. louis had to offer.  however, i felt like i never had the opportunity to enjoy the city as a mom before we left.  i remember going to places like the city museum or the farmers market and always thinking in the back of my mind that "this would be a fun place to experience with kids."  and then we actually had the kid….then moved.

one of the places that i always wanted to take adali before we left and never did was the city garden.  it's a newer space downtown that provides a park like setting with sculptures sprinkled in.  it also has what i knew would be adali's favorite part…water.

since the weather has been providing us with nothing but beauty lately, we made a last minute decision to head down last weekend and let adali enjoy reason number 342 why i lub this city.

City garden collage1

City garden collage2

City garden collage3

City garden collage4

City garden-92

City garden collage5

City garden-113

City garden-115

City garden-118

City garden-97

City garden-127

City garden collage6

City garden-162

City garden collage7

City garden-150

City garden collage8

City garden-153

City garden-159

City garden-151

City garden collage9

i count my blessings every. single. day that i am back in the city that i fell in love with as a little girl.  this time last year, i wasn't sure i would be anymore than a vsitor passing through.  i am blessed to have a second chance to experience it all with "my little family."

life is pretty sweet right now.  pretty darn sweet.

much love,

mama a



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  1. #1. I, too, lub this city. So so much.

    #2. I also lub that dress you’re wearing :)

    #3. City Garden was on my to-do list this summer, and it didn’t get done. Boo. Gotta admit that the head is not my favorite piece of art ever.

  2. stacy says:

    the boys and I discovered the citygardent this summer and it is now one of my favoriate places to take them. Adali will enjoy it for years to come

  3. Becca says:

    Wow! That made me even more excited to go to City Garden on Thursday! Great pics!!

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