friday, august 20

like i said last night, i was an hour into a post when it vanished for no reason at all.  yesterday was not my day people.  not. my. day.

as if you care, you will now be getting the very abbreviated version of how i did on my list. here it goes…i kicked a**.  the end.  it was like i was nesting…minus the whole baby coming part.  and when i was satisfied that i had done everything to martha stewart's standards (including not passing out in the ungodly heat while washing windows outside) i rewarded myself in 2 parts.  part 1; a loooong bubble bath with a glass of wine and part 2; a trip back to the land of lincoln to pick up my girl.

i remember thinking, as we drove into my parents neighborhood, that i get the same feeling in my stomach those moments before i see adali after we have been apart as i did when i would pull into the hospital parking lot and take the long walk down the hallway to the nicu every morning for 8 weeks.  she's got a special hold on my heart that one.

after we hugged it out (and adali cut my new dress with her new scissors after being there 5 minutes), it was time to plan our fun weekend ahead.

on saturday morning we joined aunt lindsey and baby connor for a 5k to help support our high school track team.


quite frankly, it was too early, and too hot for this many hills.

Picnic collage1

but we made it.


where were the guys you ask?  good question.  my answer…lazy bones.

phew, adali must have worked up an appetite with all of the running riding in the stroller she did.


later that night we came back to the high school for the church picnic.  adali had clearly been educated by her nana and aunt lindsey how much fun the church picnic is, because all i heard from the second i saw her was, "i go at the picnic right now mama."

naturally, the first person we needed to find was aunt lindsey.


(shhhh, don't tell anybody, but it's aunt lindsey's birthday today.  happy birthday little sis)

followed by an all important trip to the duck pond.

Picnic collage2

mystery box anyone?


daddy thought it would be funny to buy a mystery box "gift" for mama.  it was a really horrible smelling candle.  nice.


hooligan anyone?

Picnic collage3

other than all of the junk she won, i think adali was most excited to get her face painted.  i started rattling off all of the cute things that she could choose from.  she chose a snake.  that wasn't one of the cute choices i gave her but it's her face, her choice.



before we left for the night we had to try the cake stand.  we (daddy) won, yippee!

Picnic collage4

adali had so much fun we had to come back for round 2 the next day…when it was 98 degrees out.


she insisted on getting her face painted again.  this time with a lady bug.



(she was afraid to smile and mess up her lady bug)

perfect day for a lemon shake-up.  yummy.

Picnic collage5

adali must have had a good time because all she asks about is when we are going to go back.  oh yeah, and she asks at least 5 times a day where her lady bug and snake went.  my easy answer…their sleeping.  it might be time to find a new explanation for things like that.

much love,

mama a


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  1. Chrystal says:

    Ah ha! Everything “sleeps” when it goes missing at our house!! Too cute!

  2. sara t says:

    HOw is that candle by the way— did it find a “special” spot in the house??? :-)

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