monday, august 16

today was one of those days i realized my girl is growing up.  for many parents right now it's school beginning that makes them realize another year has come and gone and their littles have moved one step closer to crossing the line between childhood and whatever is next.  but since we don't deal with school yet, we mark these steps in other ways.  and today it was a trip to the dentist.  it hit me like a ton o' bricks as we walked back from the waiting room to the little area where the dentist works her magic…"holy crap, my baby has teeth to clean!"  it seems like just yesterday i was wondering if she would ever get her teeth in and now she is 1.5 teeth away from having a complete mouth of little baby pearls.

we had been building this visit up for over a week now and even though i was a bit nervous that adali would wig out at the sensory overload that is the dentist, i was also confident that she would be a brave little girl and do the best she could to take it all in.

and holy cow…she did amazing!

i knew we could make this experience work when after being there less than 5 minutes adali was picking out her magic sunglasses to keep "mr. sunshine" out of her eyes as the dentist polished her teeth.  you see, the kid loves sunglasses.  but you already knew that from all of the pictures of her wearing them.

Say ahh collage

she was a little apprehensive at first and made sure i was never out of sight, but she was so brave!

Say ahh collage2

she soon became obsessed with the water sprayer and got the biggest kick out of mama being sprayed that we even got a few giggles out of her.


and then it was time to get her teeth tickled…


(i love this picture because you can see her holding my hand.  she still needs her mama just a little bit which makes my heart smile)

Say ahh collage3

to say i'm proud of her is the understatement of the century.  there wasn't a single whimper that came from her little lips.  and when it was all finished she looked at me and said " i did good mama.  now i get a new toothbrush."


i'm not ready for her to cross that proverbial line out of childhood!  i know, i know, she's only 2 but i feel like i am going to blink my eyes and i will be walking her up the path to preschool and then kindergarten and then high school (don't tell me she won't want me to walk her to the door in high school…my heart won't be able to take it).

she's my baby.  she's the one that made me a mama and i'm not ready for her to grow up.

aggghhh!  i'm totally having "that moment" aren't i?

anyway, back to today…because adali was so brave, daddy and i (jastin was at the dentist getting his pearls cleaned as well) decided to take her to lunch at our fav lunch spot downtown to celebrate.

Say ahh collage3

Say ahh collage5


so today just shows me that i need to soak it in.  every last, single, solitary minute of this thing known as mamahood.  yes, i know it's weird that it took a dentist appointment to remind me of that, but isn't it the mundane, everyday things that are the fairytales of life?  i think so anyway!

much love,

mama a


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  1. so sweet! and yes, before you know it, kindergarten will be here…

  2. Jennifer Teegarden MD says:

    Good job, Adali! I love your shades! You are just too cute for words! Have a great week!

  3. Jenny says:

    Oh Jamie! You’re makin’ me cry! I just posted to my blog about taking Ashton to KU last week and I remember his first dentist visit too…and so many other firsts and lasts. What an emotional week this has been! You will look back on all of this one day and be able to say just as we have, that you truly didn’t miss a thing.

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