friday, august 6


summer swingin' at sunset

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  1. Jenny says:

    I love all your mommy/daughter pics! Does Jastin take them or do you use a timer on your camera? I need to start taking more pics of Julia and I together or she’s going to think her childhood didn’t exist. Sad what happens to #4!

  2. sara t says:

    Awesome picture!!
    I wonder the same thing Jenny does – Do you use a timer or does Jastin take the pictures for you – i can only imagine the eye rolling and under breath growling i would hear if i asked Jason to step outside and snap a picture of me and the girls swinging — in fact i may just have to try that this week just to note what his response would be! :-)

  3. Jamie says:

    haha! the camera is always close and jastin was outside so i kindly asked if he would capture the moment. if we are doing something fun and nobody is around i will quickly set the timer to capture what we are doing. the funniest part is that not 2 minutes after this picture was taken adali was swinging on her belly and she flipped completely over in the swing and jastin caught the moment of impact. it’s funny because she was not hurt and it is a classic adali. i debated on making it photo friday but after the hose video i thought someone might call dcfs.


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