tuesday, august 10

Outdoor room

(my favorite "room" of the house, the back porch, which needs some landscaping love this fall…any ideas?)

today is day 2 without the sprite.  she is spending the week at summer camp…aka nana and papa's.  that means while she is doing crafts, visiting the library and generally getting spoiled beyond belief, i am tackling a to do list that is easier to complete sans a 2.5 year old.  and to keep me on task and held accountable i thought i would post the to-do list for all to see.

* wash all windows inside and out including screens

* organize office – clean out old files and file the little enormous stack of papers that have piled on the desk

* visit and decide on gym for adali to attend gymnastics

* get pedicure (i should have no trouble with this one)

* wash baseboards

* pick out paint colors for office and pantry

* paint office and pantry

* convince jastin that the shed in the backyard will be much better purposed as an amazing playhouse for adali.

* go through the 18,000+ photos stored on my computer and pick a handful for a picture collage wall in our bedroom.  if you have any favorite pics, let me know.  i need all the help i can get choosing them.

* visit dentist for routine teeth cleaning

* get hair trimmed

* research and design landscaping for front of house and back patio

* do a clean sweep of the house and get rid of anything we don't need or don't use anymore for future garage sale

* take pictures of light fixtures from the kitchen to post and sell on craigslist (if anyone is interested in some tiffany style pendants (4) and chandelier let me know)

* find new recipes to try this fall

* take care of framing all of jastin's degrees, certificates, licenses, etc. (oh and his college football picture which i will have to post once we have it back because it is astonishing how much adali looks like her daddy in this picture…even if he is in a football uniform)

i think that is enough to keep me busy.  i will reshow the list at the end of the week with what was successfully accomplished and what wasn't.  think i can do it all?


much love,

mama a


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  1. good luck with that huge list…i always overestimate what i can do even when the kids are gone!

    that back porch is AMAZING!

  2. oh! and adali is old enough to teach how to clean baseboards…i promise she’ll think it’s fun :)

  3. sara t says:

    I agree with Nicole on the back porch – LOVE IT!!!
    NO ideas on landscaping but if you get good ideas pass them my way – we will have a landscaping project coming up next year… after we get grass again – that is project #1.

    Good Luck on the list – Question – would Nana and Papa be interested in 2 more sprites for a couple days – i have a list that somewhat resembles your’s in length if not so much in the details. :-)

  4. Sarah Filchak says:

    What about just some big planters that you can change the plants out with the seasons (tulips/daffodils in spring; then summer flowers; then mums/asters for fall)? You could put them in between the columns and it would be really low maintenance, just watering and weeding.

    Have a wonderful time on your own. I can’t even imagine!! Good luck with your to do list, be sure to take some time for yourself (maybe throw in a manicure with the pedi!)

  5. Becca says:

    I am totally ready to help you tackle the pedicure part of the list. What can I say, I’m here to help:)

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