friday, september 17 … sometimes life sucks … but how lucky am i that i have a little (and her daddy) to push me up hill when i need a little boost? … taking a little blogging break but i promise to be back.   


jastin and i both grew up with sports as a big part of our lives.  in my family, spring not only welcomed pretty flowers but the sound of a baseball game on in the house.  fall was met with raking leaves and watching football.  i can still remember my dad picking me up from gymnastics [ Continue Reading ... ]

School collage1

friday, september 10 yesterday, adali went to her first day of school.  let me repeat that…adali went to school!   it's not really school but don't tell her that because she thinks she is hot stuff getting to go somewhere just like the big kids.  it's really a mother's day out program through a church [ Continue Reading ... ]


wednesday, september 8 jastin asked me this afternoon why i hadn't posted to the blog recently.  my answer to him was that i have no idea.  it wasn't that i haven't wanted to, or that we've been super busy or that adali has made it impossible to find free time.  it's really that i just [ Continue Reading ... ]