jastin and i both grew up with sports as a big part of our lives.  in my family, spring not only welcomed pretty flowers but the sound of a baseball game on in the house.  fall was met with raking leaves and watching football.  i can still remember my dad picking me up from gymnastics and hearing jack buck or harry carry's voice pipe through the speakers.  sports brought us together as a family on so many occasions.  it was something i always hoped to have with my own family and i am so excited to see that taking place now with adali.  adali gets our excitement on game days and throws in her own funny one liners that have both of us cracking up.  

this weekend she wanted to throw the football around with jastin after he had finished working in the yard.  adali's gross motor skills are still a little lacking in my opinion (nothing extreme) so it is funny to see her try to through a football around that is half the size she is.  she may not be a future wide receiver but she still looks cute trying. 




she finally realized it might be easier with a ball more her size…


and after playing with daddy on friday night, she woke up on saturday and knew it was game day just by looking at what daddy had on.  she came running into our room and insisted that she wear her jayhawk outfit just like daddy.  and after many exclamations of, "we goin' to the game," she got very sad when i had to explain to her that we weren't actually going to the game but rather just watching it on tv.  oh the drama after that conversation…but nothing a sucker wouldn't fix (ahem, daddy).

Football collage

many of you may not know that jastin actually played football for the university of kansas for a few years as a kicker…which explains the ungodly number of rock chalk chants that happen in the antisdel household and the overwhelming amount of crap that i take from all of his friends and family about how much better ku is than u of i in sports.  it's ok, their delusional.  i'm digressing.  anyway, i mentioned a few weeks back about the fact that, after seeing jastin's college football picture, that there is no doubt that adali is the mini me to her father.  when she was a bald little cherub baby everyone said she was his mini me but it was easy to chalk that up to them both being, well, bald.  and now, after seeing this picture and looking at my sweet little girl i am starting to question whether i am really her mother.

Football collage2

seriously, how cute are they?  they are unequivocally the 2 most important people in my life.  i have been reminded of that more these last few days than ever before.


Football collage3

and if that wasn't enough football for you, we managed to squeeze in a bit more on sunday as we hung out on the back porch and watched the st. louis rams lose.

Football collage4


none of my teams managed to pull out a victory this weekend while both of jastin's won.  i guess that's the great thing about football, there's always next week (or in some sad cases, next year).  

i have a feeling you will  be seeing a lot of adali in her cheerleading uniform.  it seems to be her favorite item of clothing at the moment (thank you gaga).  i just need to figure out a way to get the sucker out of it.

i hope your team does well this season (unless they are playing illinois).  

much love,

mama a

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  1. sara t says:

    Holy COW – Jastin looks so different in his football picture!!

    Cute post – love the cheerleader outfit!

  2. Tiffany says:

    I think she still looks like you! I used to see you in a cheerleading uniform all the time. I think she gets that from her mommy!

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