friday, september 10

yesterday, adali went to her first day of school.  let me repeat that…adali went to school!  

it's not really school but don't tell her that because she thinks she is hot stuff getting to go somewhere just like the big kids.  it's really a mother's day out program through a church near our house.  i was looking for something close that did not have an actual academic curriculum because let's face it, she's 2 and she will be in school for a very long time.  i wanted someplace for her to go play with other kids one day a week and just have fun.  i feel so lucky having found this place, it has exceeded my expectations thus far and is literally less than a 5 minute drive from the house.  

adali has been talking about going to school since the first day we visited a few weeks ago.  every time she sees the school bus pick up or drop off the kids in front of our house she runs inside and gets her school bag.  so funny to watch!  when we go someplace she isn't thrilled about…like the bank or gas station…she will sometimes cry big ole' crocodile tears.  when i ask her what's wrong she says in the saddest voice ever, "i just want to go to school mama."  

yesterday, she woke up early, climbed into bed next to me and whispered in my ear, it's time to go to school mama.  i will remind her of this day and her eagerness when she is 13 and i have to drag her butt out of bed to make it to school in time.

we packed her lunch and stocked her backpack full of naptime goodies and off we went…but not before the all important first day of school fashion show in front of the house.  

School collage1

she did not want to drop her lunchbox.

School collage2

First day of school-6

School collage3

School collage4

she walked in with the biggest grin on her face….

School collage5

…but, did turn around to make sure i was right behind her.

once we were inside and she felt comfortable with what was going on, she was off to play!

First day of school-10

School collage6

First day of school-11

she didn't even notice when i left.  i, on the other hand, had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes as i walked out.  i have to say, leaving her was tougher than i thought it would be.  i had to remind myself that i wasn't leaving her in the nicu that i was leaving her at school.  HUGE difference and absolutely no reason to be sad.  none.

jastin was fortunate to get home a bit early yesterday and was able to go with me to pick her up.  

her "teacher" gave her a glowing report and said she played and was the first to fall asleep during nap time (one of my biggest fears is that she wouldn't be able to fall asleep in a new environment).

school was a smashing success!

i am so excited for adali to have this time during the week to socialize with other kids…because let's face it, being with me all day, every day has to get pretty old…i get sick of myself too!

happy happy weekend!

much love,

mama a




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  1. Aunt Lindsey says:

    CUUUTEEE lunchbox! I wouldn’t want to put that down either. The picture of her turned around..I see quite a bit of Connor there!

  2. Sandy says:

    As I told Sara….sorry to say…..the first weeks of school do not get easier :( Glad to see that SHE is having fun though!!!

  3. sara t says:

    Glad it all went well Jamie – love the outfit and especially the lunch box – where did you get it? Tuesday I leave Abby at school (Thursday I stayed the whole time) – I will probably have a lump in my throat walking away too. It’s hard to realize your baby is growing up (way too fast!) :-)

  4. Jenna says:

    She look so cute packed up for “school!” I’m glad she had a great time. I have apprehension about sending Mikan off when it’s time for preschool too.

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