wednesday, september 8

jastin asked me this afternoon why i hadn't posted to the blog recently.  my answer to him was that i have no idea.  it wasn't that i haven't wanted to, or that we've been super busy or that adali has made it impossible to find free time.  it's really that i just haven't.  simple as that.  but here i am dipping my toe back into the crazy interweb.  i have lots to tell…like the fact that adali has been in a big girl bed for weeks now…with only one thud (make that 2).  or like the fact that last weekend adali had her first babysitter other than a family member.  or like the fact that tomorrow my baby girl will leave me for an entire day for her first day of "school."  but, as i sit here with the windows open and the last of the summer breeze drifting through the house, i can't stop thinking about the night last week when a thunderstorm rolled through and we sat on the front porch and enjoyed one of the last remnants of  summer 2010.

as i sat there and watched adali try and catch rain drops on her tongue i couldn't help but think back to the beginning of this summer.  holy crap we have come a long way in a few short months…711 miles to be exact.  

this past year was tough on me, but i feel so much stronger for having gone through it.  i feel stronger, my marriage feels stronger and my bond with my little girl feels stronger.  i am thankful for our time in georgia.  for meeting good people (rachel – we miss you and i know i owe you an email…it's coming), for getting outside our comfort zone and for experiences we would have never had otherwise.  

there must be something about a thunder clap and the smell of rain in the air to get me all sentimental.  it's how it is.  i've always been that way…and i like it.  


Storm collage



thunderstorms are good for the soul…and our yard.

much love,

mama a


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  1. i can’t wait to see a picture of adali ready for her first day of school!! good luck tomorrow!

  2. Sandy says:

    It’s in the air…I just can’t seem to blog much lately either. So she is starting school? You have to blog about that!

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