tuesday, october 26

this past weekend we packed up and headed to kansas for a whirlwind weekend.  we somehow never learn our lesson and always head out of the city around 4:00 which means we sit in traffic for a few extra hours and drive ourselves insane thinking about how late we will get in to kansas city.  but, adali was a trooper and took everything in stride.  to say she was excited to see gaga and bapa would be an understatement.  we rolled in to our hotel around 10:00 and sent adali with gaga and bapa to have a slumber party with her cousins.  

we managed to squeeze in so much in 2 days including my very first visit to ku for a little jayhawk football.  now if you know me, you know i'm not a ku fan, but being the good wife that i am, i waved the wheat and cheered for the jayawks (it's a bit easier to cheer for them when they are having a less than stellar year).

it happened to be homecoming weekend and we were lucky enough to catch part of the parade which was fun…

Ku collage1


we were also lucky enough to meet up with jastin's cousin, jenny,  and her husband for a little tailgating before the game.  jenny's daughter, julia and i became fast friends and were quickly doing patty cake, itsy bitsy spider and ring around the rosey in the middle of the tailgate.  too fun.  adali and i miss you julia!  





i also got to take a tour of jastin's fraternity house (ick) and meet his house mom while he was there.  she was so adorable and it was fun to see how proud of jastin she was.  

the saddest part of the day was the serious butt-whooping kansas took from texas a&m.  maybe next year jayhawks.  maybe next year i will take jastin to champaign and show him how the big ten does football.  wink.  

oh, and i have to post my favorite picture of the day…i wanted to get a picture of jastin and i with the homecoming parade in the background…the cop leading the parade didn't like my idea so much and blared his siren.  i think i peed my pants a little the second this picture was snapped.  oops.

Ku collage2

i feel like so much else was packed into a short 48 hours that i didn't even talk about but trust me when i say it was a great weekend with family and friends and adali hasn't stopped talking about it since we got back to st. louis.

thank you to all of our family and friends in kansas for making it such a great weekend.  we loved seeing you and wished it could have lasted longer.  until next time…. 

much love,

mama a

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  1. Jenny says:

    thanks for taking time to meet up with us! i know you had so much to pack in. when we got back to the car after the game julia kept asking “where’s our friends?” we may just be road-tripping to st. louis in the spring to play with “our friends”

  2. Sandy says:

    By the looks of your clothes, Kansas had actual fall weather…not this random hot/windy/cold for a second/opps hot again weather that we are having. Looks like you had a ball!

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