sometimes life doesn't always play out how you've rehearsed it in your mind, but that is ok.  this gift given to us is a journey and lessons are definitely meant to be learned along the way.  i've certainly learned a lot over the last few weeks (or month…has it really been that long) and i appreciate every comment, email or positive thought sent my way.  

my smile is back so i thought it was time to return to the good ole blog.  i figured the best place to start was to recap a getaway jastin and i were able to take a few weeks ago to boston.  i have to say, getaways should be the first considered prescription for anyone needing a pick me up.  it's better than chicken noodle soup and very homeopathic i might add.  it happened to be my birthday as well and i'm convinced that if you celebrate your birthday during a getaway you get to subtract a year off of your age instead of adding one…which makes me 29…fabulous!  i have vowed to spend every birthday from here to eternity in a new city.  no really i mean it.

i love soaking in new atmospheres.  browsing local shops, learning the history, mingling with locals over lunch at open air restaurants and people watching while sitting on the steps of one of the most beautiful public libraries were among my favorites.  oh, and the food…it went straight to the soul.  such good times.

i made a little video of some of my favorite memories from our trip.  yes, it's long but i didn't make it with the blog in mind.  i made it because i want to have something to look back on and remember what birthday i spent in what city and how much fun we had…oh yeah and to see how much younger i look with each passing year.  wink.  

besides remembering just how much fun we had on this trip, there are too fun little facts i want to write down to remember.

** the turkish president seemed to be following us around town while we were there.  every time we turned around his motorcade was blaring down the street and before i knew it one afternoon he was sitting right behind me having lunch with half of the boston police force watching his every move…and mine since i was so close.    

** one beautiful afternoon i was people watching on the steps of the library when i wedding party showed up for pictures.  it was fun to watch all of the excitement and see the creative things the photographer was coming up with.  before i knew it, i was being asked to be a part of their wedding picture.  very cool.  when the photographer was finished i asked her if she would capture such a fun moment with my camera.  she happily obliged.  did you notice the picture in the video?

i so can't wait for my birthday next year!    

much love,

mama a

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  1. sara t says:

    Welcome back!
    Pictures were awesome -looks like a wonderful 29 (again) birthday!

  2. First: girl, you are gorgeous. Really! :)

    Second: amazing pictures! What a fun trip…glad you got to get away and come back renewed!

    Third: happy you’re back to blogging!

  3. Sandy says:

    I agree with Nicole! You look great, happy, renewed and so in love! I love it! Welcome Back! Glad to see you smiling again….you have ALOT to be proud of so keep on smiling :)

  4. michelle says:

    this is so great! i did the SAME EXACT thing with our Cali Trip – for the SAME EXACT reason!! too funny! however, it was on the computer that justin stepped on and broke…looong story. but anyways, it totally reminds me i have to post my cali video. so, thank you!

    great video, james!


  5. michelle says:

    oh…and i forgot – you have no right to be sad! you’ve got the world on a string, sitt’n a rainbow, girl! but i am sorry you were bum’n out – that’s no fun – but i’m glad you’re “smiling again” :)

    me (again)

  6. yay! i love comebacks. especially ones that come with photo montages. xo.

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