thursday, october 28

remember the great pumpkin search of 2009?  it's weird for me to look back at the blog at things we did last year and realize they were in georgia not st. louis.

this year we headed to eckert's farm to find the perfect pumpkin(s) for halloween and i remember thinking back and realizing that it may have very well been warmer this year for pumpkin picking than last year in the south.  it was so hot the day we went i wondered if we should really be picking pumpkins or lighting sparklers.  oh well…i suppose it's better than bone chilling cold.

one thing is for sure, a little heat wave was not going to stop adali.  


great-aunt debbe, aunt lindsey and baby connor came along for some good old fashioned fun as well.  i'm not sure baby connor bought all the pumpkin hoopla but just give it a year, i'm sure he'll be bossing adali around on which pumpkin to pick instead of the other way around. 



Pumpkin collage1

adali just had to ride the pony.  her eyes lit up the second she sat in the saddle.  



Pumpkin collage2


Pumpkin collage3

and then it was the swings…i was a bit surprised she wanted to do this considering we couldn't stand next to her.  



and the corn maze.  we let adali lead the way.  she chose every wrong turn you possibly could.  oh well.



oh, and how could you forget the pig races.  the "pig race leader guy" picked one kid out of the audience for each pig in the race and if their pig won they got a prize.  adali was chosen to cheer for pig #4.  perfect considering she was the littlest of the bunch.  not perfect considering she got last.  


she was cute though.  if you are going to lose, you better look cute doing it.  it's a rule.

Pumpkin collage4

loved the views…


we couldn't leave without carmel kettle corn.  yummmy!

Pumpkin collage5


an impromptu family pic in the apple orchards.  

Apple orchards-6

a great time was had by all and the perfect pumpkin is now sitting on the front porch.  adali insists on giving it a kiss every time she walks by it…one lucky pumpkin.


much love,

mama a 



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