monday, november 29 last thanksgiving when our little family was eating turkey around our big table in georgia, i prayed (really hard) that this year we would get to celebrate closer to our families and be able to fill the table with people we love and are thankful for.   it was only fitting that [ Continue Reading ... ]

Summer 2010-19

monday, november 22 the timing of this post is totally right and completely wrong all at the same time.  on one hand it's perfect considering the blast of unseasonably warm weather that has been hanging around st. louis the past few days (as i type this a thunderstorm is brewing outside, complete with yummy dark [ Continue Reading ... ]


friday, november 19 … rub a dub dub a crazy girl in the tub …


wednesday, november 17 today hundreds of bloggers are uniting for one cause…to end prematurity.   so i join them. the first day i started this blog was the day before i knew adali would be born 3 months prematurely.  since that day i have written several posts on how having a child born prematurely changed [ Continue Reading ... ]

Ice cream-4

wednesday, november 10 conversation during mass this past sunday: adali: mama who's that (pointing to the statue of mary in the back of church)? me:  that is baby jesus' mama.  her name is mary.  can you say mary? adali:  mary.  and she had a little lamb?   me:  (looking at jastin to make sure he [ Continue Reading ... ]

Movie collage1

monday, november 8 last night we held our first of many family movie nights.  you get 3 guesses what the inaugural movie was and the first 2 don't count.  click here for a hint.  ding, ding, ding…toy story 3.  the showing was held complete with popcorn, favorite blankies, and front row seats for buzz, woody, [ Continue Reading ... ]