wednesday, november 17

today hundreds of bloggers are uniting for one cause…to end prematurity.  

so i join them.

the first day i started this blog was the day before i knew adali would be born 3 months prematurely.  since that day i have written several posts on how having a child born prematurely changed me, gave me a cause and taught me lessons i hoped to never learn. 

trust me when i say that our journey through prematurity still affects me daily.  however, instead of writing another lengthy post today, i thought i would let the pictures do the talking.  


adali – march 12, 2008 * 5 days old


adali – november 17, 2010 * 985 days old


let's just say i still have a lot of fight left in me to end prematurity for good.


much love,

mama a


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  1. MELISSA says:

    Your daughter is beautiful! My daughter was born at 26 weeks, and is 16 mths old now. It is such a long hard journey but worth every second!!
    I posted today to support too! Check it out :)


  2. Susan@2KoP says:

    Our preemies were born at 24 weeks and today are celebrating their 19th birthday. I still have a lot of fight in me to end prematurity, too. It’s nice to know who is on my team. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Great post! As a neonatal nurse practitioner, it’s always nice to hear good outcomes. It’s great to watch Adali grow! This made my week.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. sara t says:

    Here’s hoping you kick Prematurity to the curb!!

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