monday, november 29

last thanksgiving when our little family was eating turkey around our big table in georgia, i prayed (really hard) that this year we would get to celebrate closer to our families and be able to fill the table with people we love and are thankful for.  

it was only fitting that since my prayer was answered (and then some) that we host our very first thanksgiving.  i was nervous and excited and of course o' so thankful.  while last year we did thanksgiving "our" way, this year we made it "the" way with 2 turkeys and allll the trimmings.  

everything was going really smoothly that morning.  adali was in a good mood, we were having fun watching the macy's thanksgiving day parade, my parents had just arrived…and then jastin spoke 6 words that instantly made my heart sink.  there's water in the basement.  what?!?  at first i thought it was a sick joke.  nope.  hardly.  that's what a failed sump pump and 4.5 inches of rain will buy you.  lots of water.  some of you that have been to our house may say, "what's the big deal jamie, your basement isn't finished yet and you have custom shelves built to store everything on."  yeah that would be great if the important stuff were actually on the shelves.  but it wasn't.  the important stuff like wedding pictures, art and custom prints were leaned against the wall just a few feet from the large hole in the ground that would allow lots of water to come flowing up.  niiiice.  

so i freaked out for a few minutes, let my eyes fill with tears, walked back upstairs and willed myself to be thankful for what i had not what i had just lost.  that sounds big of me doesn't it….too bad it's crap.  i put on a face of thankfulness but inside i was pissed and sad.  instead i just forgot about it for the time being, let jastin and my dad (huge props to my dad and my brother in law for coming through in a big way) worry about the clean up and i concentrated on stuffing and green bean casserole.  

in the end it all worked out and we had a fabulous thanksgiving (and enough food for 20 more people).  and that is the honest truth.

adali got a huge kick out of the parade this year.  it was really cute to see her get so excited about it.


the week before turkey day adali and i had been hard at work making placemats for all of our guests.  i cut out all the pieces (because i know what damage the child can do with scissors) and i let her glue them together however she saw fit.  some turned out pretty close to how they should…and others….well…


…some of our turkeys had seen better days.  poor grandma evelyn's was beheaded.  

adali took notes while i prepared everything so that she can hopefully do all the dirty work next year…


and then of course as soon as i put adali down for a little nap, it started snowing.  she has been asking when it is going to snow for weeks now and i was sad she was missing it.  it was sort of magical to watch.  that is when it really hit me that we are back in the midwest and i became truly grateful for my answered prayer.


my favorite part was seeing everyone having a good time.

Tgiving collage







and then we ate…

Tgiving collage2

and we all lived fat and happily ever after.



i truly hope that each and every one of you had a fabulous thanksgiving!

much love,

mama a

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  1. sara t says:

    Congrats on hosting a very successful Thanksgiving!!! My kids didn’t nap that day so they got to see the snow…. as soon as it started Katie looked up at me and said “Santa coming tonight??” And she hasn’t stopped asking since – at least 12 times a day! :-)

  2. Melissa says:

    I should have prayed harder… ;)

  3. well, i’m glad that the food all turned out great and that you had a nice party…but i’m sad for you and the water damage. i know that can be heartbreaking.

  4. Sandy says:

    Wow! This is just creepy…..we had the same thing happen lastnight w/ our sump pump (or whatever it is called) except THANKFULLY I had laundry in the dryer that I was too lazy to get out earlier that night….but it had work pants in it that I didn’t want to have to spend forever ironing in the morning….so I got out of bed at 11 PM to grab them out….and found water in the basement – nowhere near damage but really could have been bad if I wouldn’t have caught it.

    I’m sure it is heartbreaking and you have to be a little pissed or you wouldn’t be human :) But even pictures are possessions – sucks to loose them but be grateful that you still have the real thing!

    PS….Did you have your Christmas stuff up on Thanksgiving? overachiever

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