wednesday, november 10

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conversation during mass this past sunday:

adali: mama who's that (pointing to the statue of mary in the back of church)?

me:  that is baby jesus' mama.  her name is mary.  can you say mary?

adali:  mary.  and she had a little lamb?  

me:  (looking at jastin to make sure he heard what she just said and trying not to laugh out loud) yes honey, and she had a little lamb.


and a little backstory information for a another memorable conversation with adali recently.  if you recall from this post last year, adali has more than a fascination with nativity sets. around mid october the hobby lobby near our house has had a large outdoor nativity set displayed right at the entrance and every time we have been adali insists on giving baby jesus and the donkey a hug on the way in and on the way out.  

fast forward to our conversation the past few sunday's before mass:

me: adali, hurry up and get your shoes on we need to leave soon.

adali:  where are we going? 

me:  to see baby jesus.

adali:  at hobby lobby?


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  1. sara t says:

    LOL – Classic!!!!

  2. Sandy says:


  3. Jenny says:

    So sweet! Reminds me of one of the first times in Mass with Ashton, he couldn’t have been too much older than Adali. We were sitting towards the back and at our church the back wall used to house an enormous crucifix. I suddenly got this excited tap on the shoulder and Ashton whispered to me, “Mama, look at that guy hanging on the sword!” It was then and there that I decided Mass needed to be a much more regular part of our lives!

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