monday, december 6

i am currently enjoying my christmas gift.  no, i didn't get to unwrap it, there was no shiny bow, i can't even hold it in my hands…but i'm loving it.  what is it you ask…it's a getaway with my husband in northern california.  so here we are…making memories (and having a blast).  

part one of our getaway took us near san francisco to spend some time with our friends, nick and britney.  we have been trying to make it over here to see them for quite awhile now and i'm so glad it finally worked out.  they were the prefect hosts and were more than willing to put up with our jastin's crazy antics.

we spent saturday in the city doing and seeing things you wouldn't normally get to do as a "tourist."  to me, that's a perfect day.

we headed to the ferry building to check out the market, grab some food and, of course, partake in my favorite pastime, people watching.


Sanfran collage1

Sanfran collage2




after some time at the ferry building we headed around the city to check out a few places.  and if any of you have had the pleasure of traveling with jastin you know that within minutes of getting settled in any mode of transportation he is asking if you can stop so he can use the restroom.  it's as much a given as the air we breathe.  this day was no different.  except this time he was forced to use a public restroom in the castro.  after getting a quick lesson on how to use the public loo by a homeless guy, jastin was in business(or rather taking care of business) and i made my move behind the bushes to catch this event on film…ya know…for posterity's sake.

Sanfran collage3

after jastin's potty break we were back on our "off the beaten path" tour when we soon realized that something was not right with the city.  it seemed to have been overtaken with santa's.  thousands of them.  drunk.  everywhere.




it was kind of fun and kind of weird to see all in one bright shiny package.  only in san francisco.  

the one thing i made sure i had to see was the place jastin lived in during an away rotation his 4th year of medical school.  i had heard about it on many occasions and needed to see this place for myself.  7 years later it was exactly the same (and really close to how i had imagined it in my mind).  he lived above a "fashion store" and directly next to a bbq place that cooked rotisserie chickens all day long. really, it doesn't get much better than that.

Sanfran collage4



thank you nick and britney for an amazing weekend!  now it's your turn to come to the lou…relive your first date maybe (their first date was at our rehearsal dinner)?  


oh…and if you're wondering what adali's been up to while we've been gone, here's a little peek…


and now…it's time to head off and enjoy the second leg of our getaway.

much love,

mama a 

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  1. sara T says:

    How Fun!!! Glad you are enjoying your trip so far! I would like to hear more about the Santa’s in San Fran. and I really hope that the Santa Adali met was not in the same “condition” as the ones you encountered!!!
    Travel Safe!

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