thursday, december 9

on sunday evening we left san fran and headed on to the second leg of our little (let's be honest it's big) trip.  napa.  it had been raining most of sunday and the weather had me worried that i wouldn't be able to really see the beauty of the area when we headed out on monday morning.  i mean let's be real, good wine rocks.  but, i can drink good wine from the comfort of my home.  now, good wine with a good view takes it to a whole new level.  luckily, the clouds parted and the weather was beautiful for our entire stay in napa.  and the views…amazing (the wine wasn't bad either)!

Napa collage1

the beauty of this trip is that we had no concrete plans.  i was fine with that.  if we saw someplace we wanted to stop, we did.  we asked locals the best places to stop and grab lunch which inevitably lead to more advice on great places to stop and things to avoid.  everything seemed to work out just right which made the trip even that much more fun.  another perk was the fact that it was not peak season which meant we had many places to ourselves.  however, at one stop i know jastin would have liked to have stayed and enjoyed the company of one person expected to be there…brooke burke.  as we were leaving one of the wineries, we found out she and her husband were expected to be there any minute.  sorry jastin…maybe next time.  

seriously, i could post hundreds of pictures of the stunning views but here are a few of my favorites from our jaunt up st. helena highway, down the silverado trail and around old sonoma road.  


Napa collage2



Napa collage3




you have no idea what it took to get a picture of us together on this particular trip…i had to put the camera on the hood of the car for this shot!


Napa collage4



and seriously, a vacation isn't a vacation without eating dessert in the same spot you sleep and jumping on the bed.


Napa collage5


(yes, crystal…that's me…wearing leggings)

and i can't help but include adali somehow in every place we go…


i still miss her like crazy and she's still the cutest kid ever.  

we are now on our third and final (phew) leg of our trip and and i'm waaaay out of my comfort zone on this one.  should be interesting to say the least.

much love,

mama a 





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  1. Sandy says:

    Looks like fun! Vacation is totally about jumping on the bed and eatting dessert in bed – Glad I’m not the only one that has those standards :) 1st thing we ALWAYS do is jump on the bed – it’s a tradition w/ the kids to start the fun.

    Now on to the leggings…LOL – I’m assuming that you were aprehensive about them? I was…..I’ve got a pair and they are really growing on me :) EXCEPT….are they all like 12 foot long or what?!?!?

  2. sara t says:

    I want to know if you clean the lipstick or make housekeeping do that?!?! :-)

  3. Chrystal says:

    Ha! I’m not against leggings completely… just when worn with a shirt that doesn’t cover your tush! Looks like your sweater is doing a fine job! :)

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