thursday, december 23

i'm sitting here typing this and enjoying the quiet moment.  the little one is snug in her bed, hopefully with visions of sugar plums dancing in her head.  santa just arrived and left his sack of goodies for adali to discover when the sun hits her eyelids and i'm excited to celebrate with family over the next couple of weeks.  that's right people we drag this christmas goodness ouuuuutttt.  i have been wanting to write this post for awhile now but i've been busy.  busy enjoying the moment, busy worrying too much about adali's gift (more on that another time) and busy trying to make sure i slow down and remember how fun christmas is with little feet running through the house.  

so here i am remembering when…

we decked the halls.  

oh was she excited.

Prexmas collage1



she put all of the ornaments in one spot.  love it.



there's nothing better than adali crafts.  we've got enough already to have our own showing at a gallery.  


it should be required by holiday law that every household have at least one set of bubble lights.



remembering when…

we had game night.  and i won every game.  just sayin.

Prexmas collage3


Prexmas collage4

remembering when…

we baked cookies…and ate lots of the dough.  whoops.

Prexmas collage5



"just a little taste, mom."

Prexmas collage6


and this is what happens when you let her do the sprinkles on her own as requested.  i call it character.

Prexmas collage7

taste test.


Prexmas collage8



remembering when…

we went to wild lights at the zoo.

Prexmas collage9

open mouth kisses anyone?

Wild lights

uh, i love these two!


Prexmas collage10

it's weird when you go in the penguin house to warm up.  


if it walks like a penguin and talks like a penguin…

Wild lights-2

we both fell in love with this owl.  i asked to take her home.  they said no.  boo.



we all had the time of our life…thanks debbie and marshall and congratulations!


Prexmas collage11

there are a few more things i want to remember about this particular christmas.

* adali loves to sing christmas songs.  favorites are frosty, rudolph, jingle bells and santa claus is coming to town.  

* when we aren't singing the songs we are dancing to them until our feet hurt and i'm begging her if i can sit down.  the answer is always no.

* she was really into her advent calendar and checking to see what was in it every morning.

* she was also really concerned where the elf on the shelf was every morning and if he was watching her. 

* we asked adali where santa lives one night and her response was, "at the mall."  

* the nativity set has been a huge hit again this year.  the figurines keep popping up in the craziest spots.

* my favorite part of the night is to sneak into her room and watch her sleep next to the glow of the little christmas tree in her room.  brings tears to my eyes every time and reminds me of just how blessed i am.  

much love,

mama a

ps…who's excited for a white christmas??


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  1. Nikki says:

    Loved having a White Christmas and was SO great to meet your lil cutie and visit like old times!!! XO

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