monday, december 20

so, we've been back a week from our christmas gift trip to each other and we've been busy with all things holiday that i can't wait to post about, but i wanted to back up and make sure that i first posted about our final leg of the trip because, for me, it was the most memorable.  memorable meaning that you can't really forget pain and there were times if i wondered if i would come back alive.  

after leaving napa we made our way north east to squaw valley in tahoe.  and before i go any further i must put it out there that i have never been skiing.  never.  not to vail, aspen or park city, not even to one of those little ski resorts in northern illinois that many of my friends went to in high school or college.  i don't know why, i had just never been.  so go easy on me.  

but, at this point in my life i try not to turn away experiences.  i felt blessed to be in tahoe and felt i needed to take advantage of the opportunity to learn.  plus, jastin grew up snow skiing and is really good and i know he would love to take family vacations to ski and i didn't want to be in lessons with adali when we went so this all seemed like a really good idea…until i actually had a pair of skis on.  that's when i thought…what the he** am i thinking. and the other thought that i couldn't seem to shake was that it probably hurts exponentially more to fall as a 31 year old than a 13 year old which is when i should have been learning this.  

for the sake of our marriage we decided that i would take a lesson from an instructor and not jastin.  the lesson was good for my confidence, but not exactly the best thing to get me on the slopes quickly.  you see, the girl that was in the lesson with me could not figure out how to snow plow, (also known as a pizza wedge to the 2 year olds) which meant the instructor kept chasing her down the hill making sure she didn't kill herself.  she came close…narrowly missing a tree.  this all meant that about the only thing i learned how to do other than getting a pair of skis on and getting on and off the lift was to plow.  jastin apparently thought i had learned more and after my lesson promptly tried to lead me down the mountain to the middle ski lodge to grab a bite to eat.  NOT a good idea.  i was not ready.  before i knew it i was crying…like a little girl.  

day 2 and 3 brought a bit more confidence and another lesson…this time with jastin.  and although there were times i was frustrated because i wasn't skiing like lindsay vaughn i was learning something, having fun and most importantly, jastin and i weren't killing each other.  on day 3 i was even able to ski down the mountain on all blues without breaking my neck.  i consider that a huge success.  


we were so lucky that there was so much snow this early in the season.  they had a huge storm roll through over thanksgiving that dumped a good 10 feet.  the most snow they had fallen this early in nearly 20 years.  it was so beautiful!

Tahoe collage1


everyone had me really freaked out about the lifts.  seriously people that was the easiest part of the whole learning process.  



jastin is a really good skier and i was so grateful that he stuck with me on the bunny hills so i could learn and be able to follow him next time we went.  

Tahoe collage2



Tahoe collage3



this is the actual medal stand from the 1960 winter olympics held at squaw.  it's amazing to see how much the winter games have grown in popularity since then.  


i loved our room and was excited to come back after skiing nearly killing myself repeatedly and cozy up by the fire.


Tahoe collage4

oh and we even got to meet the big guy while we were there.  we emailed this picture to adali along with a letter letting her know that santa said he was headed to nana and papa's after rudolph finished his lunch to check in on her and see what she wanted for christmas.  santa made good on his promise and we got to witness it all on skype.  i heart technology (and santa).


i was sad that the sun had set on such an amazing trip but of course i was so excited to get home to see adali.  i think we had to stop in nearly every major airport west of the mississippi to avoid the blizzard of 2010 but we finally made it home to see an excited little girl waiting for us.  my heart melted.  i love that girl!


oh, and i even brought back a little souvenir to remember squaw by…


(my leg looks huge here by whatever…oh and there are an equal number on the other leg too)


merry christmas jastin…i hope you liked your gift as much as i did.  let's do it again next year.  wink.

much love,

mama a

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  1. What an amazing trip! Looks like such a wonderful getaway. Thanks for sharing, happy holidays!

  2. Sandy says:

    um HOLY CRAP….did you fall down a mountain?

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