friday, december 31

we have had many phone calls, emails and text messages asking if we are ok.  thankfully, we are fine.  an f3 tornado with winds of 165 miles an hour touched down very close to our house this afternoon leveling neighborhoods and business districts in just a few seconds.  

i was actually standing on the front porch and noticed a wall of water coming toward us and it suddenly began to hail so we quickly grabbed adali and lexi and headed straight for the basement to take cover until the storm passed.

we are now learning of all of the damage in the area and feel very lucky to not have been affected by this crazy weather.  in saying that, please keep those that were affected in your thoughts.   


this is my view right now

and has been for the 

last 5 days

maybe we have a future

picasso on our hands

ps…don't you love her pigtails?  here's another picture of them simply because i think they are too cute not to share.


ok…maybe just one more…


my name is jamie antisdel and i have an addiction…to pigtails.  

christmas wrap up and new years post coming soon.  until then, have a safe night and throw some confetti for us (we're having a low-key night as miss piggy is fighting a cold that has been lingering for way too long).

much love,

mama a

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  1. SOOO glad you’re ok! :) I thought it sounded like you were just a tiny bit south of the worst part of it. Matt had lunch in Sunset Hills yesterday at noon with a friend. The power went out in the restaurant but they had no idea it was that bad. It’s just totally not what you’re expecting on Dec. 31.

    Happy New Year, Antisdels!

  2. sara t says:

    Holy crap – glad to hear you are all okay – very scary!!! I didn’t even think of all of you being in St Louis when I heard of the bad weather yesterday!

    Happy New Year – enjoy your weekend! Hope Adali is on the mend!!

  3. tom wendt says:

    very good photo friday. i was very concerned last friday about your house and was going to inspect the ruins. {i thought you were in the cedar lodge} the news report then announced the location of the storm and i realized i did not have to worry. have fun this weekend at the big cedar.
    love tom

  4. Natalie says:

    lovin what i’m seein with the new layout so far, jamie!! that was such a fun (and chaotic) session! so happy to have been a part of it!


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