i have put a force field around our house.  no ice or snow is going to damper our spirits. it may look like this outside… but this is what you will find inside our cozy little home… we've filled the house with flowers, painted our nails, had dance parties and done anything today to brighten [ Continue Reading ... ]

Three nights

friday, january 28 i love being a mother.  i do.  but i also love trading bonne bell lip gloss for mac viva glam lipglass every once in awhile too.  i rarely blog about our few and far between nights out but this one was a bucket list kind of night for me that deserves a [ Continue Reading ... ]

Ear collage

friday, january 21 … this is what a little girl with a punctured eardrum looks like. … blood curdling screams for 9 hours straight a mere 3 hours of sleep and one visit to the ent confirms it … we are hopeful it hasn't affected her hearing but we will have it tested in a [ Continue Reading ... ]


thursday, january 20 if you guessed that adali was on the potty during our little game yesterday you were indeed correct! if you guessed correctly you get to come over and shovel the snow off of our driveway.  lucky you huh! i have bribed this child with everything short of a new car when she [ Continue Reading ... ]


wednesday, january 19 it's called take a guess of what's going on in this picture.