friday, january 28

i love being a mother.  i do.  but i also love trading bonne bell lip gloss for mac viva glam lipglass every once in awhile too.  i rarely blog about our few and far between nights out but this one was a bucket list kind of night for me that deserves a post.

a few weeks ago we were the fortunate recipients of an invitation to a night of fun with good friends of ours.  we started with a fabulous dinner at acero in maplewood.  st. louis peeps, if you haven't been to acero yet, go.  i need to hire the chef to make me the egg raviolo on a weekly basis.  if i did this i would probably weigh 400 pounds by the end of the year but who cares i would be happy.  yummo.  the tasting menu is one of the best deals in the city.  just sayin.  oh and the wine…helllo (thanks m).  next we headed to a private event.  this is where an already great night turned into a bucket list night.

you know i'm a fan of the st. louis cardinals right?  my love for them runs deep.  i've skipped school to go to games (remember that jason?),  i was at the 2004 world series when they lost to the red sox and i was at the 2006 world series when they won it all…and i cried    

and on this night i got to meet the brains behind the redbirds for the last 15 years, tony larussa.  oh, and billy bob thornton.  i know…fun right?  you may be wondering what tony and billy bob have in common but turns out they are working together…on a movie.  tony collaborated on a book with the author of friday night lights called three nights in august (if you haven't read it and love baseball or are a cardinal or chicago cubs fan read it, it's a great book).  it is soon going to be made into a movie and billy bob thornton will be the producer.  

so, on a freezing cold night in st. louis, in a little cigar room (another secret enjoyment of mine), i got to meet a baseball genius and a movie star.

Three nights

Three nights-2

do you know how badly i wanted to start quoting the kid from bad santa as i was sitting there?  i came so close but i chickened out.  someone asked me if he was as creepy as he seemed in his movies.  not at all. funny and gracious.  

truth be told i was way more excited to meet tony.  dad i know you are rolling your eyes right now but don't be jealous.  the cubs will get a good manager some day too.  wink wink.

so, tony, if you browse mommy blogs in your free time and you happen to be reading this, call me.  i have some suggestions i know you would want to hear about the upcoming season.   

thanks k & m for a fabulous night.  let's do it again soon…we just have to make sure that wherever we eat has egg raviolo…just sayin.

much love,

mama a 



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