i have put a force field around our house.  no ice or snow is going to damper our spirits.

it may look like this outside…


but this is what you will find inside our cozy little home…

Icy collage2




Icy collage1

we've filled the house with flowers, painted our nails, had dance parties and done anything today to brighten the gray day outside.  seeing as we will probably be confined to the house for the next couple of days, i'm going to have to get creative to keep little miss occupied and happy.  

in the meantime, justin bieber just came on the satellite radio…i think i will take the opportunity to turn it up and teach adali the dougie (mom, don't click on the link…you will be mortified).  oh please…you know you secretly love the biebs…bieber fever, yo.


stay safe out there ya'll!

much love,

mama a

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  1. LOVE that chalkboard wall! looks great! and i love adali showing off her nails :)

  2. Jennifer Teegarden says:


    We are bracing for the blizzard! Adali is too cute and growing so fast! Also, I love your lamp! I have been looking for one similar to that for my home office. Where did you purchase your lamp?

  3. Jenny says:

    I haven’t ever noticed it, but Adali looks like Kessa with blonde hair in the pic where she’s looking at her newly painted nails. Too cute!

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