Butterfly collage1

friday, february 25 … don't ask …

Cheerleader dollage1

thursday, february 24 last week adali and i were in illinois for a visit when we decided to go watch uncle charlie coach his  basketball game.  adali had been excited about this for several weeks, but i underestimated just how much she would enjoy it.  holy "she's totally going to grow up and follow in [ Continue Reading ... ]


tuesday, february 22 so we've been in our house now for nearly 8 months and we have slowly been making it ours.  i mean, it's always been "ours," but we've been putting little touches on this house to make it our home.  i love dreaming up ideas of things to do and scouring the interweb [ Continue Reading ... ]

Chocolate monday collage1

monday, february 21 why this monday was good: ~ after a week in separate locations we are all under the same roof again. ~ the fabric for our diy headboard project was delivered today, several weeks earlier than expected. ~ a good workout at the gym. ~ adali kept the whining to a minimum today [ Continue Reading ... ]

Love card

monday, february 14 we hope your day of love is extra special. love, us


friday, february 11 … i now know why adali never touches her "play" broccoli when cooking in her kitchen … at dinner last night  she proclaimed that broccoli makes her sad … good to know