tuesday, february 22

so we've been in our house now for nearly 8 months and we have slowly been making it ours.  i mean, it's always been "ours," but we've been putting little touches on this house to make it our home.  i love dreaming up ideas of things to do and scouring the interweb to see if my crazy ideas can be pulled off.  along the way i tend to find even more fun ideas that i store away in my bookmarks and every so often i come across one i have to do right now.  this wreath is one of those "right now" finds.  I had kept our evergreen wreath up after christmas to have something on the door (it seemed appropriate because it didn't scream christmas and added something to the front of the house).  i started to get tired of seeing it when i would pull up in the driveway but wasn't coming up with anything to put up in it's place…until i came across this awesome wreath found here.

i love how they did the white wreath against the grayish/brownish door but i knew white wouldn't work on our door because it is glass with white trim.  i thought red would be a fun pop of color and soon set out looking for a grapevine wreath and some red felt.  i was disappointed when i could only find an 18" inch wreath as i wanted something more substantial for the door.  and then i hit the jackpot.  i was at goodwill looking for something for another diy project when i noticed a large grapevine wreath hanging on the wall with some ugly not my style dried flowers and faded ribbon glued to it (easily ripped right off).   $1.50 later it was mine.  between the steal of the wreath and felt being on sale at the fabric store, this little project cost me less than $10 total.  jackpot.

they go through much more detail on the steps for this project but here are the basics.  this is what you will need:


felt (for my 24" inch wreath i used about 2 yards), scissors, hot glue gun and an old cd.

basic instructions:

step 1. cut strips of felt as wide as your cd

step 2. trace outline of cd on your strips of felt 

step 3. cut out circles traced from cd (i would stack up 3 felt strips to do this to cut down on the amount of circles i needed to cut)

step 4. cut a continuous spiral out of your circles (i would stack 2 or 3 circles at a time when cutting to again save time)

step 5. roll spirals into a flower and glue end to secure fabric (i would cut some of my strips in half so i would have 2 contrasting sizes of flowers)

step 6. hot glue flowers around the wreath 

again they go through the steps in more detail with pictures for each step right here.

and here is the final product all cozy on our door.



Wreath collage1




it makes me smile every time i pull into the driveway.  

we have been busy doing lots of little diy projects around the house lately (maybe why i haven't been blogging much…then again maybe not) and i hope to post about a new one each week.

much love,

mama a   

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  1. Sonya says:

    LOVE. IT. I have something very similar saved in my bookmarks to do for our front door :-) I also have been doing some new little craft projects and hope to get them on the blog as well. Can’t wait to see your other projects!

  2. Sandy says:

    OMG Me too!!!!!!!!! Wierd………. I’ve been working on crafty ideas in what spare time I have just to add touches to our house. I thought about blogging about a few …. then got lazy. I’ve been looking for a way (ahem easy way) to make these flower-type things! I may have to try this!

    LOOKS great!

  3. Sandy says:

    I’ve found alot of cute ideas here – link to shanty-2-chic.com

  4. Mandy says:

    So, So cute & jealous…because I’m not very crafty at all, and do not believe I could pull this off! After you finish your diy projects around your house, feel free to come and experiment on mine :)

  5. First of all, I love the wreath…looks great! And the shanty blog is on my reader. Great ideas there! If you want more craft blogs, let me know…I read too many.

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