friday, february 4

remember when i was in georgia and i was longing to be back in the midwest for winter.  yeah.  what the heck was i thinking.  winter weather is cute at first.  a reason to cozy up by a crackling fire and drink hot cocoa.  winter after…oh, lets say jan 2 is an unwelcome guest.  right now snow is a 4 letter word to me.  i want to see the grass again…even if it is dead.  oh and don't even get me started about how many unnecessary snow days i think have been taken by schools in st. louis.  we are creating a society of wimpy kids.  

so here is how we've spent our week surviving the winter elements.






there's something about snow days that scream baking cookies to me.  it's just what you do on snow days, right?



"just a little lick."  "just one."  "ok maybe two."  "what's in this stuff, anyway."  i.just.can't.stop."

Iceday collage1

she wasn't the only one doing the sneaking…


just to let you know i was not sneaking any.  ahem.  

adali  kept busy making a mess out of the utensils while she waited for the cookies to make their way out of the oven.  chopsticks can entertain a kid for hours.  


ohhhh and our little martha stewart did so many crafts she had to be seeing glitter and googly eyes in her sleep.  


yes, this is me out in the pounding sleet clearing off the back porch so lexi doesn't kill herself when she goes outside.  you may be wondering why jastin was inside snapping pictures while i was outside…funny…i'm still wondering the same thing.  


Iceday collage2


sure i love house slipper and crackling fire kind of days as much as the next person….


…but i am…


adali is over it too.  she's packed her bags for a little getaway…i didn't tell her where she is going is just as cold is where she came from.  something tells me she won't mind…she always seems to find trouble fun at nana and papa's no matter the temperature.

Iceday collage3

how are you keeping away the winter blues?  

much love,

mama a


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