Paci collage1

wednesday, march 30 i've been blog absent…i realize this.  but, i have a very good reason.  it's called paci withdrawal syndrome and i think it deserves it's own acronym by the american academy of pediatrics.  good gravy people!  i knew this would be hard (which is why i waited so long to do it) but [ Continue Reading ... ]


friday, march 18 … she'll huff and she'll puff and she'll… …blow one tiny bubble … but man will she be proud

Spring collage1

thursday, march 17 why hello spring. i think i love you.

Tie collage1

tuesday, march 15 here is what i tackled myself for adali's birthday party: * the invitation that was emailed to family members and simply done in photoshop * her tie t-shirt * paper garland * no-sew fabric flag bunting * birthday hat one thing that i have been asked about already were the balloons.  they [ Continue Reading ... ]

Bday invite2011

monday, march 14 when i was thinking about adali's birthday i didn't really know where to start.  the only thing i knew is that i wanted it to feel incredibly special for her.  she loves decorations for holiday's and gets really sad when we put them away.  i figured i would do my best to [ Continue Reading ... ]

Tubes collahe

thursday, march 10 (march 12 2008 and march 9 2011 respectively) yesterday was about way more than tubes and an adenoidectomy.  it was about walking into a place nearly 3 years to the day that held so much emotion for me.   i have been into cardinal glennon several times since we walked out the [ Continue Reading ... ]