tuesday, march 15

here is what i tackled myself for adali's birthday party:

* the invitation that was emailed to family members and simply done in photoshop

* her tie t-shirt

* paper garland

* no-sew fabric flag bunting

* birthday hat

one thing that i have been asked about already were the balloons.  they were enormous (36").  like, so big i was afraid that if adali held on to all four together that she would float away "up" style.  i bought them off of the internet in a pack of 6 for $8.50.  i first checked at the local party supply store to see if they carried them.  they did not as of the day i went a few months back but the manager said that they would start to carry them at the beginning of march.  a multicolored pack of 6 was going to be priced between $9-$10.  regardless of if you bought them off the internet or from the store they would charge you $1.08 for each balloon you wanted to have blown up.  this ruins what i thought was a decent price for a whole lot of fun but i don't roll with a helium tank in my house so i had no choice.  and trust me the final price to have 4 of them blown up was SO worth it.  they were a huge hit and are actually still large and in charge (no longer floating) and played with on a daily basis.  i just cut the string off of them to prevent any chocking hazard.

next up, adali's tie shirt.  

Tie collage1

i had seen something similar awhile back in jcrew (i can't find the link anywhere) and figured you could do something just like what i saw yourself that would be fun for special occasions.  i searched the interweb and found what i was looking for here.  how cute is the little bow tie shirt?  

i followed the directions as indicated for the most part.  the one thing i changed was to initially paint the tie with white glitter paint and then i sprinkled purple fabric glitter over the top of it while the paint was still wet making sure that it was entirely covered.  

Birthday diy

the reason i did this was because i didn't find any fabric glitter paint in the color purple i wanted but the fabric glitter was exactly the color i wanted.  after 24 hours i went to check on it and immediately got a sad face.  not very much of the glitter had stuck to the paint.  my mom (the real crafty one in the family) suggested i mix the glitter directly in with the paint and simply paint over what i had already done. after shaking all of the glitter off that didn't stick on the first try, i did exactly what we discussed and bingo.  worked like a charm and turned out perfectly.  the one thing i did differently during this second go around of painting is i used one of adali's small cheap paint brushes from her craft bin to paint since i needed to be a bit more careful because i wasn't using freezer paper this time but rather going over what i had already painted.  it worked just fine.  i have already washed this shirt inside out and it held up just fine.  

next up, the paper garland.  

Garland collage1

this project i actually tackled last and wasn't even going to attempt because, like i mentioned in my last post, i have never been anywhere close to a sewing machine.  the idea all started when i saw this picture and tutorial of a fun valentine's decoration idea.

Heart garland

via here

i had also seen similar garland out of book pages but with round circles instead of hearts on etsy and thought it was a cute idea.  only problem, i don't have a sewing machine or have any idea how to sew.  i tried to think of a way to pull it off without sewing but could come up with nothing.  insert crafty mom here.  one weekend while adali and i were visiting she taught me how to use a sewing machine (and all of it's foreign language…what the heck is a bobbin?).  she even let me take hers back for when i tried this myself.  holy cow it was so easy.  here is what you will need:

Birthday diy-8

* 1 1/2 inche dye cut ( i kept calling it a hole punch and my sister corrected me that it's called a dye cut…see not crafty at all)

* paper in whatever color/design you want.  i made sure mine was double sided to have more of an impact.  i simply bought a scrapbooking paper book on sale at michael's.

* sewing machine.

once you have a bunch of circles cut you simply run them through the sewing machine until you have the length you want.  i stopped after the bobbin thread ran out because i had no idea how to change it.




next up, no-sew fabric flag bunting.  

  Flag bunting collage1

this is also something i had seen for sale on etsy and a martha stewart website and thought it was so fun and colorful but they all looked sewn.  seriously, every time i thought about learning to sew i would get light-headed with anxiety.  i don't know why, i just would.  i figured there had to be a way to do this without a sewing machine.  

i wanted the bunting to be double-sided and figured i could probably use spray adhesive to make that work.  i also figured than instead of sewing it to the ribbon that holds the individual flags that i could use something like liquid stitch instead.  so with these ideas in my head i set out to find some fabric in colors i liked.  i wasn't going to spend a fortune on fabric in case this wasn't going to work (otherwise known as failing which i hate doing).  lucky for me a fabric store near our house was having a sale that weekend and i scored 10 different fabrics, all at 40% off.  i found a few fabrics that i really liked and based the rest of my choices around them.

so here is what you will need:

Birthday diy-2

* fabric

* 1 1/2 inch grosgrain ribbon

* a piece of cardboard for your flag template

* pencil to trace template onto fabric

* scissors

* spray adhesive

* liquid stich or stitch witchery

* iron

* a handsome assistant to help adhere fabric together

first, cut as much fabric as you want to make your double-sided flags.

once you have all of your fabric cut take it outside (not in your garage as our garage is STILL sticky form this) and spray the back side of both with spray adhesive and have your handsome assistant help you adhere them so you have no bubbles.

Birthday diy-3

next, cut your cardboard flag template.  i found a flag template for free here.  i adjusted the size of mine to be a bit bigger but you can choose to do any size you like.

trace the outline of the template as many times as you need onto your piece of fabric.

Birthday diy-4

cut out each fabric flag.

Birthday diy-6

iron your grosgrain ribbon in half so there is a nice crease.

Birthday diy-5

now here is where i would have done something a bit differently.  i used liquid stitch to adhere the flags to one side of the ribbon and then after it dried i used liquid stitch on the top side of the ribbon to adhere it to the flags.  it worked fine and held great, however, if you look closely you can see marks where the glue was.  stitch witchery probably would have held just as well and would have looked more seamless.  it's not that big of a deal, i'm just a perfectionist and, well, like things to look perfect.   

most of the ideas i had to make this a no-sew project worked perfectly and i was really pleased with how it turned out.  

3rd birthday party-38

lastly, here are the details of the party hat.  

Party hat collage1

this was not something i was going to even worry about but i stumbled upon this link when i was searching for ways to do the tie t-shirt and thought it would be a fun addition to everything else.

i picked up the cheap ($1.50 maybe) paper party hat at the party supply store when i went on the search for gigantic balloons and followed her directions exactly except instead of having the silver design be on the inside of the hat i covered it as well in the same fabric.  

Birthday diy-7

adali loooved it and informed me that she should wear it every day because, duh, "every day is a party, mama."

3rd birthday party-11

so there you have it.  4 easy things i did that helped make adali's day extra special.


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  1. wow wow wow!! everything looked so cute (especially miss adali)! i love the paper garland especially :)

  2. Melissa says:

    It all looked great! I’m the same when it comes to sewing – thinking about it overwhelms me but I love all of the projects that can be done if you know how. Give me some tape and glue and I’m good to go!

  3. Sonya says:

    LOVE. IT. ALL. I may have to steal some of these ideas for Kenzie’s birthday in July!!!

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