wednesday, march 30

i've been blog absent…i realize this.  but, i have a very good reason.  it's called paci withdrawal syndrome and i think it deserves it's own acronym by the american academy of pediatrics.  good gravy people!  i knew this would be hard (which is why i waited so long to do it) but heaven help me i didn't know it was going to be this hard (or she would still have those lovely little latex nubs hanging from her mouth today).  we officially went no paci exactly 13 days ago and we are still struggling.  when i say struggling i don't mean she whimpers or even cries for a few minutes before finally falling asleep i mean full out wailing to the point she almost makes herself sick for hours.  and then when she finally does give up and fall asleep that is when it turns really ugly.  she wakes up multiple (last night it was 5) times during the night and we start the entire process over again.

we chose the paci fairy route.  you leave the paci's in the mailbox for the paci fairy, sprinkle some paci fairy dust, also known as glitter, around the mailbox so the paci fairies know to stop at your house and they come pick up your pacis for other babies who need them and leave you a little gift in exchange.  

she was excited about the whole process, making her own envelope to hold the pacis, marching her little hiney out to the mailbox all proud and telling anyone in the neighborhood that would listen that she was a big girl, sprinkling that glitter alllll over the driveway like she was a pro.  she talked a biiig game.  and then it came time for bed and the pouty lip and crocodile tears came in full force.  

Paci collage1



Paci collage3

Paci collage2


remember that this is the same child that looked forward to naps and bedtime and slept consistently through the night with no issues.  i thanked god for my sleeping angel every night and i have a feeling that he was just sittin' up there laughing at me saying, "juuuust wait."

to try and get a handle on this we have done everything from rearranging her room to buying an outrageously expensive nightlight that makes her ceiling into a starry night to downloading dozens of lullabies to threatening to bribing to all out losing it.     

there is obviously no turning back now, but i mentioned to jastin the other night that i am this.close to conceding the thousands of dollars she will need for braces and popping that sucker right back in her mouth.

so instead of blogging i've simply been trying to put one foot in front of the other (and not fall asleep at the dinner table).  

someone please reassure me that she won't be going to college begging me for the paci fairies to give her back just one of her paci's. 

much love,

mama a

oh and it wasn't too long ago that my sister pointed out this photo friday post dated march 5, 2010 saying that we would be getting rid of her paci's the following week.  

Paci baby

soooo it took me an extra year to pull the trigger.  oops.

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  1. sara t says:

    ugh. I hope last night was at least a little better!! Here’s a suggestion ship her down to grandma’s until she gets over it….. :-)

  2. Jenny says:

    I am reading this thanking God that Julia was my one and only child that didn’t ever like the binky! (She did however come with one stubborn-ass personality in all other areas) The other three were all well over 3 when we finally got rid of it. Oh how I remember those hellish nights! I know you’ve already taken it away, but what worked with TJ was snipping a teeny tiny bit off the tip (they don’t “work” after that) and he decided on his own that it was “icky.” Every one I found around the house I snipped a bit off and just kind of hid them. When he would find one of them he would excitedly pop it in his mouth only to discover that all binkies were “icky” FYI it is perfectly acceptable to have an afternoon glass of wine during these particularly difficult transition moments ;)

  3. Sandy says:

    Well….I have a few thoughts :) #1 go for that afternoon glass of wine. #2 Isn’t it sooooooooo much worse when you are used to your sleep because they are no longer needing fed every couple of hours and they don’t sleep! Ugh. You wonder how you made it through that first year. #3 At least you can take her paci away from her and get through this….Austin was a thumb sucker until MAGICALLY one day at the age of…um I think 5 or 6…He decided to stop. Will is a finger sucker (the 2 middle ones)….He is almost 7 and he just.can’t.stop. He tries and tries….He really really does. We’ve tried taping them, gloves, etc….He wants to stop. I can’t exactly get rid of the fingers :) #4 Good Luck! You’ll make it!

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