monday, march 7

saturday was an extremely special day for adali.  it was her first "real" birthday party.  if you remember her first party was a bit subdued due to the threat of rsv.  her second birthday party was a disaster from the get go with me ending up in the emergency room the night before and passing on my sickness to adali on her birthday.  

so this year i was extra careful to keep adali as healthy as possible the week before her party.  minimal trips out of the house, no workouts at the gym and baths in pure alcohol to kill any germs.  

and our diligence paid off.  she was able to enjoy her third birthday party to the fullest running around with her cousins, eating cake and ice cream and spending time with all of the special people in her life that were there with her from the very beginning of her journey…

…and then she woke up the next morning complaining that her ear hurt and within a few short hours she was screaming out in pain and eventually ruptured her ear drum for the second time in 6 weeks and won herself a trip to the OR this week for a shiny set of ear tubes.  scheduled for the day after her birthday.  

i hate that she will have to go through anything tough the week of her birthday but it's becoming her m.o.  you know what it all means though?  it means she's living.  to feel ear pain.  to beg me to hold her.  to see tears stream down her face.  none of it is easy.  but it's life and she is living it and for that i am oh so grateful.  

but check out how happy she was on saturday…

her smile makes my heart melt.

much love,

mama a

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  1. Melissa says:

    Happy belated birthday, Adali! Glad you enjoyed your party – now get better!

  2. Sandy says:

    We have the same pony :) That song gets stuck in your head QUICK! Happy Birthday, Adali!

  3. Jamie says:

    sandy, i go to bed singing pretty little pony and wake up singing pretty little pony. fun.

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