wednesday, april 6

the paci situation is getting better.  it's not perfect (what bedtime situation is), but it's better.  

right now i'm sitting out on the back porch sucking in every breath of this beautiful weather.  this is what i dreamt of back in georgia.  wait, i lived in georgia.  weird.  these days are what i missed.  but, in saying that, i can't help but be a little jealous of myself.  this time last year, i was here.  if you could live in augusta for one week, this would be the week…and oddly, i kind of wish i did…for just this week.    

but dreaming aside, we have been plenty busy back here in the midwest.

we did some spring cleaning and put adali to work scrubbing our floor mats to the car…


Update collage1

adali practiced her gymnastics…


lexi was being lexi by running around the neighborhood like a maniac…


adali helped dadda finish building her very own, pint sized garden bed… 

Paci fairy1

we endured an early spring snowstorm.  it was pretty but ewww…i just want spring already.

Snow collage1


Snow collage2

it made me sad to look out the window and see it covering our new raised garden beds.  so pathetic looking.  all i could do was stare out at them and know that in just a few short months these little plots of land will be producing mouthwatering goodness.  it can't get here quick enough!


adali had a run-in with this mean guy (seriously, mean bugs already?)…


which prompted the need for some serious tlc and a little ice pack.  notice the cardboard around her neck and the ketchup smear on her face.  

Update collage2

adali went on a date while daddy worked late one night.  dinner and a trip to see the real life "cars."  who knew mater and lightning mcqueen could induce such a sense of giddiness in a three year old.  




it was so cute to watch her stare at them like they were going to start talking and invite her back to radiator springs for a fun little get together.  she was so enamored i couldn't even get her to turn around for a picture.  


mater is cllllearly her favorite…dare i say a crush?

Cars collage1


we planted the seeds for our garden.


Update collage3

and adali even tilled the soil played in the dirt getting it ready for the plants.





grandma hazel, this part is especially for you…adali has been carefully tending to her strawberries every day and is patiently waiting for them to produce the juicy berries.  i don't have the heart to tell her she may be waiting awhile (like next year).  they are thriving in her little garden bed and she loves them.  thank you for such a thoughtful bday gift to her!





in a nutshell that's what we've been up to lately.  does life get any sweeter than these delicious spring days?  i think not.  


much love,

mama a

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  1. great pictures, as always! i’m super-jealous of that garden :)

  2. Nikki says:

    I need her stylist, you always have her looking so super cute!

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