tuesday, april 19

Adali almost one-171



* i haven't taken a new picture in awhile.  which is why the picture above is an old one.  but at least it's something.  i hate posting without at least one picture.  sorry, it's just who i am.

* thank you to all of you who emailed or contacted me in some manner about our struggles with infertility.  you have no idea how much it means to me to know i'm not alone and that people actually care.  i have a positive attitude that this is the month…but i've thought that before.

*  why is it that i can go all winter with no major sickness and when spring hits i get the head cold to end all head colds.  ps…i started this post several days ago and i still have the blasted cold.  go away already.  i have lots and lots of yummy food to consume this weekend and i want to be able to taste it.  

* bedtime with adali is so much better.  she doesn't get out of bed 10 times before she falls asleep and for the most part she's sleeping through the night.  phew.  it's also super cute to hear her talk to herself before her eyelids just get too heavy.  

* a few nights ago i was on adali to pick up a mess she created in the kitchen when i started to count to push her along before she would end up in timeout.  she stopped looked at me and said, "mama, if you are going to count at me, do it in spanish."  seriously?  

* we joined the ymca a few months ago so i could work out frustration and well, staying in shape is also a good side effect of working out frustration.  adali likes to go because she gets to play with other kids in the child watch…win-win.  oh, and they have gus' pretzels on saturday's…nothing says getting in shape and being healthy like a pretzel from gus'.  anyway the point to this now long and drawn out bullet point is that she doesn't call it the ymca…to her it's the psay.  no matter how many times i call it the ymca she still calls it the psay.

* last thursday jastin sent me a text to call him asap.  never a good sign.  turns out he had just finished a meeting at the chase park plaza and returned to his car parked in front of the hotel only to find that it had been nailed…as in someone hit a stationary car while moving at a break neck speed.  he's had the car for 9 months and it's now totaled.  good times.  

* i just bought a bunch of stuff for the house and i can't wait for it to arrive.  i love our house.  love.

* on monday jastin and i met for lunch at taqueria bronco down on cherokee street.  one word – yummy!  such good authentic mexican food.  after, we drove farther down cherokee street past all of the antique shops.  i can't wait to go back and check out all of the treasures.  part of me misses being downtown and the unique culture.  we are putting our house (downtown one) back on the market in a few months.  we drove by just to see it.  bad idea.  it's sad looking…as in the yard is one big pad of weeds.  ugh.   

* ummm who was the jokster that had samples of baby formula sent to our house?  not cool!  

* adali's hair is a crazy nest of curls.  i need to take a picture of it when she first gets up.  it is insane.  i absolutely love them but i swear they make her more mischievous.  i need to find a serious detangler because as the humidity ramps up it's getting even harder to work with…any recommendations?    

* i've spent the week researching summer vacation houses.  i think we are attempting the outer banks.  has anybody been before?  

* how come when old school nelly comes on the radio i smile?  odd.

* nicole has a new etsy shop.  check it out here.

* lastly, we are in the home stretch of march of dimes fundraising.  we will be walking next weekend soooo if you want (wink, wink) you can click here or go to the purple button on the top, left hand side of this page to help us do what we can to end prematurity. 

* happy easter ya'll.

much love,

mama a


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  1. erin says:

    Okay, I wanted to comment on “when will this ride end,” but for some reason I couldn’t! I LOVE that you talked about your problems. So many women could live better lives if we stopped judging each other and started listening to each other instead. I personally find it incredibly helpful when someone has been through my situation before talks about it – if anything, you just don’t feel as alone. One reason I published my note about “Mourning” on FB is because NO ONE talks about infant loss/miscarriage/infant death. Then suddenly, when you are faced with the issue yourself, you have no idea who to look to for advice. I applaud you for being so open! And you know girl, I’m always saying prayers for you :)

  2. sara t says:

    Abby’s hair gets terribly tangled all.the.time. I use adult conditioner on her on bath nights and then in the summer/wind we use either sauve detangling spray or johnson and johnson detangling cream if it is really bad. Good Luck!

    PS – not sure where the formula came from – but I started recieving free stuff in the mail last December – way before I was pregnant and before I ever bought my first thing from Motherhood. (where you get put on their mailing list for such things) The good part…. I am getting those coupons in the mail and people go crazy over them on ebay! :-)

  3. Melissa says:

    Suave detangler. Cheap, and it works! Smells good, too.

  4. thanks for the link!:)

    another vote for suave detangler. i use it on my own hair sometimes.

    glad to hear about that mexican restaurant! we’ll definitely have to try it.

  5. Natalie, Landen, and Koen Carver says:

    Nothing better than old school Nelly. Nothing. Especially if your from the STL!! :)

  6. Kristin Neal says:

    Hi! It’s the Christmas PJ fairy from ages ago. I still faithfully follow and I am so glad y’all are back in St. Louis and having a blast. I grew up in NC (and still live there) and have feedback on the OuterBanks that I would be more than willing to share. Feel free to email me and I will share what I know.

    Happy vacation planning. Adali will LOVE the sand dunes!!

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