wednesday, may 4

this past weekend we once again marched for babies.  the weather was beautiful, the crowd was huge and the support for team adali's angels was overwhelming!

i get so inspired seeing just how many people turn out for one particular cause.  it's incredible to think what a group of people can do when they believe so strongly in something.  

here are our 3 preemies with their "look at me now" shorts on.  


i think adali was a bit overwhelmed with the large crowds.

Mod collage1

so many people…so much love!


her eyes were as big as saucers underneath those sunglasses!


baby connor seemed to have the best view of any of us.


adali and avery letting brian so all the hard work.


connor thought he was mayor of forest park.




we walked for all preemies, especially in memory of those no longer with us.

Mod collage3


this says it all….

Mod collage2

i can't thank all of you, our dear family and friends, enough for supporting us each and every year and helping us do our part to end prematurity.  we love you all more than you will ever know!  

a special thank you to becca and linds for helping us reach our goal yet again!  love you both. 

much love,

mama a


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