Snow play-2

tuesday, june 14 last night jastin put adali to bed.  it was a rare night where she didn't have the minimum 5 excuses to get out of bed one.more.time.  i thought to myself, i need to find out his magic trick so that i can make sure i add it to her routine every night. [ Continue Reading ... ]


friday, june 10 … some people use these to see under water she uses them to ward off cicadas … 

May vaca collage1

we went, we saw, we conquered.  about 4 weeks ago we headed to big cedar for what started out as a "few day getaway."  the little getaway quickly turned into a week of vacation bliss.  the weather was beautiful and adali got to do everything on her vacation checklist. plenty of pool time… she got [ Continue Reading ... ]


friday, june 3   … she likes to dress herself … headaches have caused me to take a brief hiatus from the computer.  i hope to return to normal posting next week.  mom…that's a hope, not a promise…sorry.   happy weekending…