tuesday, june 14

Snow play-2

last night jastin put adali to bed.  it was a rare night where she didn't have the minimum 5 excuses to get out of bed one.more.time.  i thought to myself, i need to find out his magic trick so that i can make sure i add it to her routine every night.  

a few hours later, i went in to turn her lullabies off and make sure she was snug as a bug.  i grabbed her hands to make sure she wasn't chilly an didn't need another blanket on.  i felt something warm and fuzzy on her hands…"what the heck!"  i pulled a pair of infant sized mittens off of her little hands.

surely jastin didn't put those on her before she went to bed??  she must have gotten in to her closet and pulled them out herself.  no wonder she was so quiet, she knew she was doing something she probably shouldn't be.

i went to tell jastin what i had found and his response was, "well she asked for them so i let her have them."  

i guess i know the magic sleeping bullet now.  question is, should i try it tonight and see if she goes right to sleep?  i'm thinking it's probably worth a shot….  

Snow play-8

much love,

mama a

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  1. sara t says:

    I love this age and all the weird quirks that come with it!!! Too cute!!

  2. in fact, i might try this with jack henry tonight, too!

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