we went, we saw, we conquered.  about 4 weeks ago we headed to big cedar for what started out as a "few day getaway."  the little getaway quickly turned into a week of vacation bliss.  the weather was beautiful and adali got to do everything on her vacation checklist.

plenty of pool time…

May vaca collage1

May vaca-4

she got to hang out with her uncle sari and aunt micala…

May vaca-7

we watched the kentucky derby…

May vaca-5

enjoyed the views…

May vaca-6

more pool time…

May vaca collage2

May vaca-10

the lake was the highest it has ever been which meant it was in places it shouldn't have been.  adali certainly took advantage of that.

May vaca-12

a little chess with daddy…

May vaca-13

even more pool time…

May vaca-14

doing things she isn't allowed to do at home, like jumping on the bed…

May vaca-15

oh yeah…more pool time…

May vaca-16

a boat ride with nana and papa…

May vaca collage3

May vaca-20

May vaca-19

learning to fish…

May vaca-21

May vaca-22

May vaca-23

May vaca-30

a little pony ride with her old friend, chester…

May vaca-27

May vaca-28

May vaca-29

and unlimited goofiness…

May vaca-24

May vaca collage4

we all loved every second of it.  it's a good thing we go back next month.  

much love,

mama a



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  1. sara t says:

    Looks WON-DE-FUL! Got room for me in a couple weeks??? :-)

  2. Aunt Lindsey says:

    Two things.. 1. I bet Adali beat Jastin in Chess… it would be too easy. 2. I wish I could fit into the same swimsuit for more than one year. Really, Adali? Talk about saving mommy some $$.

  3. Natalie says:

    Welcome back to the blogosphere…you’ve been missed!

    The Carvers

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