wednesday, august 31 {traci, chad and the oh so cute lucy} hi all.  i have a dear friend, traci that needs all of our prayers right now.  she is currently 23 weeks pregnant with twin girls.  over the weekend she went in to pre-term labor and was admitted to the hospital immediately to try and [ Continue Reading ... ]


tuesday, august 30 one thing both jastin and i looked forward to this summer was having a garden stuffed full of fresh vegetables and herbs.   being the handyman that he is (i'm telling you surgeons make great handymen), he built us 2 raised beds out of cedar that measured 4 x 8 each.  my [ Continue Reading ... ]


friday, august 26 … she thinks she's a real rock star. concerts nightly. and her song of choice you ask… pour some sugar on me. oh yes, i'm dead serious. … happy weekending!                                   …. so hot sticky sweet….

20 weeks collage1

thursday, august 25 today marks 20 weeks with the babes and i first have to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the kind and amazing comments on all of the pregnancy posts.  it has been a special part of this pregnancy for me and a little boost of confidence on days [ Continue Reading ... ]


wednesday, august 24 adali doesn't start school for a few more weeks so we are still fully engrossed in summer time shenanigans.  trust me, i'm holding on to every last bit of summer with all of my might.  and seeing as it's still officially summer, i still have a little bit of time to post [ Continue Reading ... ]


saturday, august 20 … date night with my handsome husband last night … my apologies for lack of blogging this week it was a weird week … but on a happy note {for me at least} i got a lot done around the house… like the babies nursery is completely done and oh so perfect. oh [ Continue Reading ... ]