friday, august 12

we waited until we were both home to tell adali the news that it was 2 boys taking up shop in mama's tummy.  

this was her reaction…


{do you see that big crocodile tear in her eye}

she was not pleased.  at all.  she made it very known that she wanted 2 "gurls."  

we told her things like she wouldn't have to worry about the babies taking her clothes or shoes or jewelry because they wouldn't be interested.  it didn't matter.  she still wants girls. 

it broke my heart.  

and hers.



daddy made it all better with a princess dress and a bowl of ice cream loaded with sprinkles.  daddy and sprinkles always seem to make things better.  

we've got awhile for her to get used to it.  and if she doesn't, daddy better stock up on sprinkles.  

much love,

mama a

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  1. Jenny says:

    She will come do adore the newest Antisdel boys just like the rest of us adore the older ones. Congratulations to you guys! So glad you are feeling (and looking) fabulous!

  2. patty mchugh says:

    Ok, now that is priceless! Too funny!!!!

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