tuesday, august 30

one thing both jastin and i looked forward to this summer was having a garden stuffed full of fresh vegetables and herbs.  

being the handyman that he is (i'm telling you surgeons make great handymen), he built us 2 raised beds out of cedar that measured 4 x 8 each.  my dad came up to help us fill them with what we thought at the time was a soil, compost mix.  we later figured out that it was actually 100% compost but after a little research we decided everything would grow just fine it it….and grow it did. 


with a little help from adali everything from tomatoes to peppers to lettuce, onions, peas, green beans and zucchini were planted into the beds.


we left our garden in the care of our great neighbors while we left for a week at the beginning of may and came back to a thriving blanket of green goodness.  before long the harvest was on.  adali's favorite…peas.

Garden collage1

we would catch her out there all the time digging through the plants to pluck the pretty green pods (whether they were ready or not) and devour them sitting right there on the edge of the bed.


you would have thought there were lollipops sprouting from the plants the way she would eat them.  nope, just peas.


Garden collage2


nope, none for you lexi.


Garden collage3

oh and i don't think i ever posted that we did actually have more than a few strawberries from grandma hazel's plants in adali's garden.



{2 peas in a pod discovered shortly after we found out we were expecting twins.}

adali also loved to hunt for cherry tomatoes and use the sprinkler to wash them off before popping them in her mouth.   


got one….

Garden collage4

…just a little rinse.  yummy.


my personal favorite and my lunch nearly every day during the summer is fresh from the garden tomato, mozzarella, basil salad.  ingredients: fresh tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  it never gets old for me.

Garden collage5

{these are yellow cherry tomatoes shown but i used everything from heirloom to beefsteak to regular cherry tomatoes.  all delicious.}

the great garden of 2011 was a huge success.  i am sad to see it dwindling down but i'm also excited to build on what we learned this year to make it even better next year.

did you have a garden?  if so what did well for you this year and what is your favorite thing to grow?

much love,

mama a

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