thursday, august 25

20 weeks collage1

22 weeks-2

20 weeks collage3

20 weeks collage2

today marks 20 weeks with the babes and i first have to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the kind and amazing comments on all of the pregnancy posts.  it has been a special part of this pregnancy for me and a little boost of confidence on days when i feel like a beached whale.  i'm not joking when i say that i am as big now at 20 weeks as i was the day i delivered adali at 28 weeks.

i had a quick check in today with one of my physicians and all looked perfect.  blood pressure~perfect, weight~perfect, babies heart rate~perfect.  seriously, when i hear those words i get all teary eyed…hormonal much jamie?  but it's a good sign in an otherwise very precarious situation.  

i can feel these little guys growing…literally!  oye vey the stretching!  and if how they dance around now is any indication, we are going to have our hands full.  the ultrasound tech from last weeks scan said she has never seen babies flip positions so much.  one second they would be both head up, the next head to butt and then 30 seconds later one would be laying transverse with his feet kicking at the other ones head.  quite a sight to see….and feel.  

i know i bring up the no sugar thing a lot but come on, i'm having dreams about red velvet cake all.the.time. but overall,  i'm still feeling great and just glad that i can continue with my normal activity level for the time being and that these little guys look so good.   

oh and adali is still in complete denial that we are having 2 boys.  she still refers to them as girls.  sigh.

much love,

mama a

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  1. aw adali…she’ll come around :)

    and i just have to say that you look incredible. really. i was this big at around 12 weeks pregnant with my first. which, as you know, was only one baby.

    i CANNOT wait to hear their names!!!

  2. Sandy says:

    great pictures!!! sounds like you are going to have your hand full :) but it will be a blast!!!

  3. michelle says:

    again, awesome news! both babes are doing wonderfully! hurray! and adali, addison can certainly feel your pain. her brothe IS a pain, but she loves him very much! and you’ll love your’s too. promise! and james, i know you may *feel* like a blimp, but trust me you’re the furthest from actually *looking* like a blimp. you’re the same size i was at 20 weeks…and i only had ONE baby in there :)

    keep on cook’n boys!

    ps you’re allowed to be “blimpy” when you’re pregnant. enjoy it!

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