wednesday, september 7

yesterday was adali's first day of preschool.  in her mind she had already been going to "school" for quite awhile but this would be different.  this was official…her first day of real school.  she has been so excited to get back with her friends for weeks now.  it was a good day…for both of us.  no tears, only excitement.  why would i cry when she was so happy.  and her being happy, makes me happy.   what more could a mama ask for!  

Preschool colage1




Preschool collage2



Preschool collage3


Preschool collage4


she was all smiles when i picked her up and, of course, the first thing out of her mouth was "when do i get to go back to school mom."  these are good days!

tomorrow we are in charge of bringing a snack for the class.  i decided to try my hand at a fun little idea i thought the kids would love.  aren't they fun?!?

Preschool snack collage1

Preschool snack-2

can you guess what they actually are?  you can find how to make them here.

much love,

mama a

update on traci ~ i was in contact with her yesterday and she had been having some contractions the night before as well as yesterday morning but they were able to keep them under control with medicine.  she hit her first milestone of 24 weeks on friday and is looking forward to making it to 25 weeks this friday.  she mentioned that everyone's prayers are much appreciated and to keep them coming!  it has to be hard being away from her family under these circumstances so i'm sure any words of encouragement you could leave would make her smile!  keep those prayers coming.  i will continue to update and know that no news is good news.  stacy strong, traci!   

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  1. Sandy says:

    1) Adali looks soooooooo big!!!! especially sitting at the picnic table! Isn’t it amazing how much they grow up once they start school?

    2) CUTE CUTE idea!!!! The snack turned out great!!!

    3) Prayers are with you, Traci! Keep positive thoughts…they do alot!

  2. sara t says:

    I agree with Sandy on all 3 comments!!!

  3. Traci says:

    Adali looks like such a big girl. How lucky are you that she is so excited about school. I LOVE the crayon snacks, I’m sure they were a hit with all the kiddos.

    Thanks everyone for all the prayers. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate it. I made it to another milestone, 25 weeks today! Now we are going to make it to 26!

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